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A Freebie and a Challenge!

on September 8, 2011

Do you enjoy working with templates?  I am new to using them but loving them…it is fun to take a kit and clip it to a template and add my own flair to it.  Quick and simple scrapbooking!  This month Pardon the Mess is hosting the September Template Challenge over at the Scrapable forum.
This template was created to match “Quit Playing Games” (Sara’s newest release found here @ Scrapable)

Here is the awesome template!  Don’t let the journaling scare you….you can delete it and leave it blank or add song lyrics, embellishments, bigger picture. Remember a template is just that a starting point for your own creativity!  If you download it be sure to upload the work to the forum so we can all see your awesomeness and give you lots of love for your work!
Here is my page.  It is a 2 part page that tells of an awesome family road trip to surprise our family for Christmas!  You can see the other half of the layout here.

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