Leaving a Legacy Designs

Helping you scrap your memories one page at a time

on October 29, 2011

Today Queen Wild Scraps has a brand new set of templates for you. AND…they were suggested by Kendra on one of Queen Wild’s Suggestion Sunday posts so Kendra wins a set of these templates!! Kendra send Lahni (queen.wild) an email or a PM at either SNP or STS and she’ll get you a coupon code

And here is what my team of Wild Princesses did with the templates:

 Henriett used They Say it’s Your Birthday by Scrappin’ Serenity And Midway by the Scrappy Kat: And Made with Love by Designs by Snowlady

 Brooke used Choo Choo by Flower Scraps: And Ride the Waves by AmyDane Designs:

Sheri used Urban Daisy by Wendy Tunison:
 She used White Christmas by This Little Missy for her second layout:

 Lauren used Game Time by HD Creations for both of her layouts:

Sharon (my newest Wild Princess) used Strike a Pose by Ivory Keys Digital Design:

 She also used Autumn Romance by Aliya Designs and Albina Designs with some word art by Jessica Art Designs:

I used Fresh Baked by Cutie Fruity:

And AMAZEing Pumpkin Patch by Scraps N Pieces:

 Kortni used Forever in Blue Jeans by Scraps of Ellay

 And Gobble till You Wobble by Scraps N Pieces:

 Lahni used the Scraps N Pieces Autumn Bliss Collab for two layouts:

 Simply Spooktacular by B2N2 Scraps:

 And Midterm by Wendy Tunison: Another using Midterm by Wendy Tunison and some word art by Memories by Digital Design:

 Don’t forget – if you want this pack the best time to pick it up will be on Halloween at Scraps N Pieces 50% off sale!


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