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I Make Dirt!

on May 8, 2012

I have a new kit for you!  I Make Dirt was my monochromatic kit for the Designer Darling Contest.  I loved the theme and concept so I added a bit of green and a lot more papers, elements, word bits AND a full alpha!  If you have a kiddo that loves to get down and dirty then this kit is for you.  There is a full alpha, 32 word bits and word art, 13 pattern papers,  8 solid papers, 5 worn papers and 44 elements!  Everything has been quality checked to ensure you get the highest quality products.

A closer look at the elements

The papers


and the quickpages for when you are short on time or have too many photos to scrap

Here is the inspiration for the kit!  My little dirt maker.  We can put this child down and leave him for a few minutes and he will somehow come back filthy, even in a clean house!  He is sweet, loving and grubby, a total opposite from my first child.

This page features a template from This Little Missy: Boxed Out

 I Make Dirt is in the $2 bin today so be sure to grab it and the coordinating quickpages!

How about a freebie?


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