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Woolly Bully and a tutorial!

on June 21, 2012

Cutie Fruity has a new kit and it is super cute!  BAAA RAM EWE! Woolly Bully is the perfect kit to scrap pictures of sheep! Sheep at the fair, sheep on the farm, sheep at the rodeo! Ewe can Ram pics of your Lambs onto scrap pages all day with Woolly Bully. It has 20 papers and 40 elements and a lower case alpha. This kit has been quality checked to meet STS’s high standards.

I decided to pull out some older photos to scrap…2005 and 2007!  The baby is almost 8!!  Time has flown by for sure…wasn’t he cute?  Okay, he still is, MOST of the time.  We live in good ol Texas and I have quite a few pictures from the Rodeo and the fair grounds at the rodeo.

Okay…now this fun page and a tutorial…  I am sure you are wondering why I put two of the exact same page down.  Look closely and you will see they is a slight difference.  Do you see it?  No?  Check the journaling, one of them is easier to read and I didn’t use a journaling block or mat so how did I do it?  I found a fun tutorial by Amber at CT member of Suzy Q Scraps: Here is a link to the video.  I used a layer mask and a gradient to get the faded effect behind the photo….

Here is how it works.  You type out your text and get it how you like it.  You then take a solid paper ( I chose yellow since it was the dominant color and would stand out less) and drag it onto your page.  Place it behind the text.  Next add a layer mask to the solid paper, click on gradient, choose black to white, check radial gradient and click reverse.  Put your cursor in the center of your text and drag out at a diagonal and release….I have done this on a lot of pages but if I made NO SENSE Amber does a great job going step by step in her video.  As you see it makes so much easier to read text on a busy background.  🙂


Now how about a look at that fun kit I used??


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