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The History of “27”

on June 23, 2012

My hubby and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage on July 27!  You may be asking why a sale now?  Well, we are ditching the kids (yes we have someone watching them) and taking a 2 week vacation!!  Now you are asking why 27, not 10 or something else?  Let me tell you a little about US!

We met our junior year of high school almost 17 years ago!  Our story of the number 27 begins here…

Started dating Feb 27

The phone number where we met had a 27 in it

His zip code ended in 27

His social security number has a 27 in it

We lived in a small town and had to go out of town for dinner, our exit was 127

We visited with friends at the lake and the golf cart we used…you guessed it 27!

Got married July 27

My labor and delivery room with baby 2 was #27!

We notice 27 EVERYWHERE we go!  It has become a “lucky” number for us over the years.  Our family will even point out 27’s when they see them.  So how could I NOT use 27 for a sale?  Now help me celebrate by filling up your cart and saving 27% off!

How about a few photos for nostalgia?  There are a couple of layouts then a few pics…a Christmas pic before we were married and a pic of us in college in the mountains and of course a wedding photo.  One of the layouts shows a cabin…that is where we got married!  I walked out the door to my hubby to be.

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