Leaving a Legacy Designs

Helping you scrap your memories one page at a time


on July 9, 2012

I am sorry it has been so quiet lately…I had did some preposting for the first part of the week and forgot about the second.  Hubby and I took a two week vacation alone to NYC, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Boston, Mass.  I missed my boys but it was wonderful spending time with my hubby.   I took over 2000 photos (hubby wasn’t sure I saw anything except through the camera! LOL).  I have scrapped 2 layouts so far…wanna see?


We saw two shows on Broadway…first was Wicked and second was Mary Poppins!  It was an amazing experience!  I used The Scrappy Kat’s Nanny Nice for the Mary Poppins page.  For the Wicked page I used Wyld Peas Designs: Defying Gravity (I think it was a Magical Monday Freebie).  Wicked was planned well in advance but Mary Poppins was a last minute show.  We bought tickets a few hours before and took off for dinner and then the show.  It was a lot of fun!


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