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Back to School!

on August 23, 2012

Are your kiddos going back to school?  As a scrapper I try to capture every little detail that I can find.  While surfing pinterest (time sucker) I found a great list of things to make sure you capture for back to school….I probably won’t capture everything on this list, for example the shopping part is done and was done with a 2 year old that had not had a good nap so it was a quick trip…divide and conquer.  I do love capturing breakfast that morning, all dressed for school, the teacher and school.  My son was homeschooled until now so this is a new start for us in public school.  I am going to try to capture as much of it as I can then spend the first day crying and missing my boy (just kidding, maybe! 🙂 )  What types of things do you like to make sure you capture on the first day or during the school year?

Be sure to watch for my blog post tomorrow with the release of Chalk Talk, the perfect kit for scrapping those back to school moments.  I also have a fun memory book to jot down all your kiddos thoughts about school.  If you are a homeschooler like I was don’t worry there are elements in the kit for you as well as a memory book just for you!  If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter then be sure to do that there will be exclusive coupons in there for you!


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