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Joyful Noise and freebies!

My favorite part of Christmas is the music and the lights!  What is your favorite?  I created Joyful Noise around this cute caroling reindeer and his cute mouse friend.  My oldest son is going to be in his first ever Christmas Pageant in a few weeks and I look forward to scrapping those fun photos.  Joyful Noise is a fun kit with traditional Christmas colors that will be perfect for scrapping any and all of your fun Christmas moments.  Check out these cute pages my girl’s and I created:

So cute right?  I hope to be back with more later in the month since this kit is the December Quickpage Exchange kit at Stuff to Scrap!  As a bonus freebie for you I have created a quickpage style for you to use to make your quickpages!  It will be free until December 7.  It has been tested in Photoshop CS6.  Please do not share this style, send them here to grab it or my store after December 7.  You can grab it HERE.  I have not checked this in other programs yet so please, please let me know if you have any problems with it at all.

Now let’s look at this amazing kit!

Freebie Solid Paper Pack on my Facebook page!


 I loved hearing all of your favorite carols.  I had to look up a couple of them and even add a few to my playlist.  The winner of the kit is from comment 13: ka77hy

Congrats!  Email me at digiscrapping27@gmail.com so I can send you your coupon.


Maybe Christmas means more…

Not much today just a quote from The Grinch!  Love the idea…Christmas isn’t about the shopping, the parties, baking and shopping.  All of those are fun but there is more!  Enjoy the little things in the middle of the hustle and bustle!

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December Daily

First off, what is December Daily?  If you are new to this idea it is basically a story a day.  I have never done this because I have always thought there is no way I can do this..too much work.  I have been doing some research and found some pretty fun ideas.  Here are some ideas that I have and I am going to have you hold me accountable.  I will be posting my pages on my “What the Scrap” posts on Sunday (eek, did I just type that?).

Here are a few of my ideas…..

Keep it simple!  The idea is to capture your month and the countdown to Christmas.  Not all pages need to be holiday related though.  It is day to day life.  A page doesn’t have to have photos of people or events.  You can scrap shopping receipts, recipes, tickets to events or a story of something that happened that day.  Another thought is the page doesn’t have to be all pretty and decorative.  It can be as simple as a photo with handwriting.

Here are a couple of pages and they are linked to the blog I found them.  There is a wealth of ideas out there.  These are from Ali Edwards

Scrapping the weather, a letter or recipe.  I love this layout of the weather, very simple cut out from the paper.

Remember to add yourself in there!  I am so guilty of this as I am sure most moms are.  We like to be behind the camera.  I give mine to hubby at times but I have to tell him to take photos or he forgets.

Here is my list of ideas that I want to capture this month…

1. North Pole Breakfast (we have never done this but I see December Daily as a reason to start new traditions)

2. Favorite ornaments on the tree, maybe even a story about why they are important.  We have ornaments from 1980’s that my amazing mother in law collected for hubby.

3. Our Tree

4. Stockings hung

5. Snowflakes (We live in Texas but our Elf on the Shelf is going to be decorating my house with snowflakes or so I am told! LOL)

6. Christmas Pageant: My son has a lead part in his FIRST EVER Christmas Pageant at church

7. Bunco (a fun dice game I just started playing with some ladies at church…new friends and December’s date is on my birthday!)

8. Family photos

9. Christmas Cards (we tape them ALL OVER the cabinets and bar in our kitchen)

10. Sunday School Christmas Party

11. Meeting Santa

12. Visit to Six Flags and Sea World’s Christmas lights and shows

13. Elf Antics

14.  Grandparents!  For the first time in my 10 years of marriage the in laws are coming for Christmas.  I beyond excited!!!!  Photos as we pick them up at the airport along with hundreds of other fun activities.

15. Happy Birthday Jesus party (since Grandparents are coming and we are starting new traditions we are throwing a small Happy Birthday Jesus Party)

16. Baking cookies for Santa

17. Putting out Reindeer food on Christmas eve

18. Reading the Christmas story

19. Christmas Lights (we go looking at lights every year and stop for ice cream)

20. Christmas Morning

21. Lines out shopping

22. boxes

23. Wrapping gifts

24. Christmas movie night

25. Outside decorations

26. Words said by kiddos (My 2 year old is talking all the time now…he sees our neighbors Santa and yells “Uh Oh!  Ho Ho Down, Mama!!  Ho Ho Down”

There are more…but remember keep it simple and do what works for you.  I am going to do mine ALL DIGITAL and have it printed in an 8×8 book or 6×6 book.  Use templates and plan ahead. Find cute handwriting fonts or have your handwriting made into a font.  I have a list written out and will do some quickpages ahead of time so I can just drop in the photos when the day comes.  I searched Pinterest for December Daily and got a wealth of ideas.  It can be overwhelming but keep it simple and do what you can and at the end of the month you will have an amazing journal of your month.

Feel free to add your comments below on your December Daily projects or ideas.  I am new to this and am always looking to learn from others!


Me N You

This weeks featured kit is Me N You.  Me-N-You is a soft everyday kit that is perfect for any and all photos.  The blues, yellows, whites and browns make this a very versatile kit.  It is perfect for wedding photos, date night, girl’s night out or just family time photos.  You get 11 patterned papers, 6 solid papers, an acrylic alpha (upper, lower, numbers and some symbols) and 27 elements.


















Here are some pages my team created using this kit…

One frequent question I get is how do I shadow the acrylic letters!?  I was pointed to a set of shadow styles by Megan Turnidge found here.  These work in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.  When shadowing the acrylic letters you want your opacity on the shadow way down…about 26%.  Size is about 13, Distance is about 13 and opacity is 26% in PSE…in Photoshop you can play with the blend mode and mine is set on Linear Burn.  Remember you can also play with the colors of your shadows as well.  They don’t all have to be black…try a dark brown or gray or even navy.

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Coming Soon and a Chance to Win!

Help me spread the word and earn a chance to win this super cute kit!  As a bonus this kit will be the feature kit for the December Quickpage Exchange at Stuff to Scrap!

You can enter to win by sharing the sneak peek. You can…

1. Share it on your blog

2. Share it on Facebook

3. Share it via twitter

4. Share it on Pinterest

5. Leave a comment here telling me your favorite Christmas Carol of all time!  I love, love Christmas music.  I had a sweet grandfather that loved to play his guitar and sing with us.  My favorite of all time is Christmas Carol by Oak Ridge Boys…Happy Birthday Jesus by them comes in a close second.

Remember, since the winner is chosen using a random number generator, be sure to come back and let us know in a new comment when you’ve done each share.

If you want a bigger sneak peek check out the November Recipe Challenge at Stuff to Scrap…I did my page using this kit!  Shhhh!  You still have a few days to get your page done and earn points to a gift card in the Stuff to Scrap store.


Template Mix Up

Do you like to use templates?  Do you have a favorite template designer?  I can answer yes and yes to both of these.  I have several template designers that I love and I love the ease of using a template especially when I am in a scrapping rut.

My team and I put together some pages for you to see how you can change up a template…check them out.

Let’s start off simple and not change a lot but enough to make it your own.  Julia moved the items from this template (which is a freebie by the way for the STS Template Challenge) to make them flow together across the page.  Aren’t those photos precious?  She used my Me N You Kit for this one.

Next up Diana used Moody Monsters and a freebie from Little Green Frog Designs.  She rotated and flipped the template to the side.  To do this make sure all the layers are selected and grab a corner and turn.  You can enter a number in at the top if you want an exact degree but I prefer to play with it till I like the way it looks.  I really like the way she turned this one.  Another way to flip or rotate the template is select the layers, go to Image, Image Rotation and there you can either rotate 90, flip it horizontally or flip it vertically.

Here is another one done by Tricia that turns the template to the side and flipped a few things around.

and another where the template was flipped around done by Jenn


We can flip all night…here is one I flipped to the side using a template from the October Road Trip by Growing Pains Scrapped

I have to admit looking back over my gallery that I am a stick to the template kind of girl.  I need to get out of that rut and change it up a bit.

A few other ideas that I have are:

1. Taking two templates and combining them.  Open both templates then drag them into a new layout and arrange how you want it to look.

2. Rotating or changing one part.  If the photos are horizontal and you need vertical then rotate just the photo boxes.  If there are a lot of spots for photos try using papers or large elements in place of the extra photos.

Here is a layout I did using Double Trouble Scraps Round N Round Templates.  Instead of using the paper circles I used golf balls from Chelle’s Creations kit: Hole In One and Putt Putt.  It took me forever to get all those balls lined up but I love the way it turned out.

3. You can also shrink or enlarge a template.  Select the  layers you want to shrink or enlarge, CTRL or CMD T to TRANSFORM.  Grab one of the bounding boxes and shrink it down or stretch it large.  Holding down the shift key will keep the pieces proportionate.  Once you have it the size you would like then hit your enter key and start scrapping.

Lastly is using 2 templates to make a double page spread.  I take TONS of photos at events so I love to do double page spreads.  There are some double page templates out there but you can easily take 2 of your favorite templates and put them into a 12×24 canvas and scrap away.  One of my favorite template designers is Little Green Frog and she has an awesome tutorial on cutting up a 12 x 24 template here.

Here are couple double pagers I have done with templates…

This one uses a template from Meagan’s Creations and a template from the now retired Cami Jo Designs as well as her kit. 2 templates from 2 different designers to make one big page.

This one uses a template from my Grouchy Set as well as the Grouchy Kit and a template from Manda Lane Scraps.

Now lets see what you can do with a template.  If you have a super awesome page using a template I would love to see it…

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It’s time to start gearing up for all the shopping madness that’s going to be going on this weekend. Many of the designers here at Stuff to Scrap will be having sales for Black Friday, Cyber Monday & even tomorrow on Thanksgiving!

I’m going to be a stinker & only tell you who’s having a sale but I will also tell you that the sale prices will be changing all weekend so keep your eyes open for the best deals. And the best part? No sitting outside in the freezing cold or dealing with the shopping masses!

Below is a list of the designers having sales, savings will be valid each day from midnight to midnight but be warned, once the clock strikes 12 all the prices will change! Keep in mind these are just the sales I know about, some of the other designers may be having sales going on as well so check out the rest of the store while you are there. Please note that the sale prices will not be valid on current November BAK packs. Happy shopping!

Adriana’s Cafe

B2N2 Scraps

Build a Memory

Created by Christin Thomas

Designs by Snowlady

Digi-Designs by Nicole

DoubleTrouble Scraps

Katie Creates

Leaving a Legacy Designs

M&M Designs

Ponytails Designs

Queen Bee Scraps

Shel Belle Scraps

I will let you in on a secret…my sales are listed below…shhhh!  🙂  Go ahead and start making your wish list.  Also did you know at Stuff to Scrap you buy gift certificates?  Make your list, shop this weekend and whatever you do not get pass on to your family and friends so they get you a gift certificate to buy what you want.

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This week feature kit is Grouchy, Grouchy Quickpages and Grouchy Templates!  Are you a morning person or a night owl?  Grouchy is a morning/breakfast kit with a twist.  My grouchy friend will go great with those fun morning snap shots you got of someone grouchy or how about those sweet photos of your little ones sleeping?  Grouchy is a huge kit full of morning and evening elements for any and all pages!  You get 22 patterned papers, 5 solid papers and 2 embossed papers.  There are 2 alphas: Bedhead is a full alpha with upper and lower case, numbers and some symbols.  Coffee is a mixed case alpha with numbers.  There are also 60+ elements included in the kit!

Before I show you this fun kit let me show you some fun pages created using this kit…

A closer look at the papers!

A closer look at the alpha in the kit!

A look at the quickpages

A look at the templates:

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a few tips on using templates!

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Getting to Know Me!

Here are a few questions I had….I apologize for no post yesterday. I have not been scrapping much but have been designing a lot! Lots of new things coming in the next few weeks!

1. Where in Texas do we live?  We live in San Antonio…home of the Alamo!  It is a beautiful city and I never ever thought in a million years I would end up in such a big city.

2.  I grew up in a small town in Virginia: Danville.  It is located on the VA/NC border.  My grandparents were in Raleigh and Roxboro North Carolina so we spent time there as well.  My family and my husbands family both live there and have for most of their lives.

3. My younger sister and her hubby are currently stationed in Washington State but will be moving to Georgia (Fort Benning) after Christmas.  Sadly, I haven’t seen her in a year or so.  😦   Hubby is a Major, I think in the Army, West Point Grad…amazing man!  They have two kiddos a boy almost 4 and a girl 8.5 years old.  I also have an older brother who lives in NC and works as a Realtor.

How about a break in questions for a few photos?  My sweet family on a very warm November day at Six Flags!

Finally…a few of my favorite things…in scrap form! 🙂

Be sure to leave some questions you may have for me or my team.


Gallery Stand Outs

Here are some layouts using Turtle Love that I found in the gallery this week….Thanks Ladies!

You can grab this kit at Stuff to Scrap along with the quickpages!  Use LLD_TURTLEOFADEAL to grab either or both for 20% off!  Coupon only good through this weekend so hurry!

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