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Getting to Know Me!

on November 19, 2012

Here are a few questions I had….I apologize for no post yesterday. I have not been scrapping much but have been designing a lot! Lots of new things coming in the next few weeks!

1. Where in Texas do we live?  We live in San Antonio…home of the Alamo!  It is a beautiful city and I never ever thought in a million years I would end up in such a big city.

2.  I grew up in a small town in Virginia: Danville.  It is located on the VA/NC border.  My grandparents were in Raleigh and Roxboro North Carolina so we spent time there as well.  My family and my husbands family both live there and have for most of their lives.

3. My younger sister and her hubby are currently stationed in Washington State but will be moving to Georgia (Fort Benning) after Christmas.  Sadly, I haven’t seen her in a year or so.  😦   Hubby is a Major, I think in the Army, West Point Grad…amazing man!  They have two kiddos a boy almost 4 and a girl 8.5 years old.  I also have an older brother who lives in NC and works as a Realtor.

How about a break in questions for a few photos?  My sweet family on a very warm November day at Six Flags!

Finally…a few of my favorite things…in scrap form! 🙂

Be sure to leave some questions you may have for me or my team.

2 responses to “Getting to Know Me!

  1. Rosemary says:

    Thanks for sharing – lovely family!

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