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Template Mix Up

on November 21, 2012

Do you like to use templates?  Do you have a favorite template designer?  I can answer yes and yes to both of these.  I have several template designers that I love and I love the ease of using a template especially when I am in a scrapping rut.

My team and I put together some pages for you to see how you can change up a template…check them out.

Let’s start off simple and not change a lot but enough to make it your own.  Julia moved the items from this template (which is a freebie by the way for the STS Template Challenge) to make them flow together across the page.  Aren’t those photos precious?  She used my Me N You Kit for this one.

Next up Diana used Moody Monsters and a freebie from Little Green Frog Designs.  She rotated and flipped the template to the side.  To do this make sure all the layers are selected and grab a corner and turn.  You can enter a number in at the top if you want an exact degree but I prefer to play with it till I like the way it looks.  I really like the way she turned this one.  Another way to flip or rotate the template is select the layers, go to Image, Image Rotation and there you can either rotate 90, flip it horizontally or flip it vertically.

Here is another one done by Tricia that turns the template to the side and flipped a few things around.

and another where the template was flipped around done by Jenn


We can flip all night…here is one I flipped to the side using a template from the October Road Trip by Growing Pains Scrapped

I have to admit looking back over my gallery that I am a stick to the template kind of girl.  I need to get out of that rut and change it up a bit.

A few other ideas that I have are:

1. Taking two templates and combining them.  Open both templates then drag them into a new layout and arrange how you want it to look.

2. Rotating or changing one part.  If the photos are horizontal and you need vertical then rotate just the photo boxes.  If there are a lot of spots for photos try using papers or large elements in place of the extra photos.

Here is a layout I did using Double Trouble Scraps Round N Round Templates.  Instead of using the paper circles I used golf balls from Chelle’s Creations kit: Hole In One and Putt Putt.  It took me forever to get all those balls lined up but I love the way it turned out.

3. You can also shrink or enlarge a template.  Select the  layers you want to shrink or enlarge, CTRL or CMD T to TRANSFORM.  Grab one of the bounding boxes and shrink it down or stretch it large.  Holding down the shift key will keep the pieces proportionate.  Once you have it the size you would like then hit your enter key and start scrapping.

Lastly is using 2 templates to make a double page spread.  I take TONS of photos at events so I love to do double page spreads.  There are some double page templates out there but you can easily take 2 of your favorite templates and put them into a 12×24 canvas and scrap away.  One of my favorite template designers is Little Green Frog and she has an awesome tutorial on cutting up a 12 x 24 template here.

Here are couple double pagers I have done with templates…

This one uses a template from Meagan’s Creations and a template from the now retired Cami Jo Designs as well as her kit. 2 templates from 2 different designers to make one big page.

This one uses a template from my Grouchy Set as well as the Grouchy Kit and a template from Manda Lane Scraps.

Now lets see what you can do with a template.  If you have a super awesome page using a template I would love to see it…


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