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December Daily

on November 28, 2012

First off, what is December Daily?  If you are new to this idea it is basically a story a day.  I have never done this because I have always thought there is no way I can do this..too much work.  I have been doing some research and found some pretty fun ideas.  Here are some ideas that I have and I am going to have you hold me accountable.  I will be posting my pages on my “What the Scrap” posts on Sunday (eek, did I just type that?).

Here are a few of my ideas…..

Keep it simple!  The idea is to capture your month and the countdown to Christmas.  Not all pages need to be holiday related though.  It is day to day life.  A page doesn’t have to have photos of people or events.  You can scrap shopping receipts, recipes, tickets to events or a story of something that happened that day.  Another thought is the page doesn’t have to be all pretty and decorative.  It can be as simple as a photo with handwriting.

Here are a couple of pages and they are linked to the blog I found them.  There is a wealth of ideas out there.  These are from Ali Edwards

Scrapping the weather, a letter or recipe.  I love this layout of the weather, very simple cut out from the paper.

Remember to add yourself in there!  I am so guilty of this as I am sure most moms are.  We like to be behind the camera.  I give mine to hubby at times but I have to tell him to take photos or he forgets.

Here is my list of ideas that I want to capture this month…

1. North Pole Breakfast (we have never done this but I see December Daily as a reason to start new traditions)

2. Favorite ornaments on the tree, maybe even a story about why they are important.  We have ornaments from 1980’s that my amazing mother in law collected for hubby.

3. Our Tree

4. Stockings hung

5. Snowflakes (We live in Texas but our Elf on the Shelf is going to be decorating my house with snowflakes or so I am told! LOL)

6. Christmas Pageant: My son has a lead part in his FIRST EVER Christmas Pageant at church

7. Bunco (a fun dice game I just started playing with some ladies at church…new friends and December’s date is on my birthday!)

8. Family photos

9. Christmas Cards (we tape them ALL OVER the cabinets and bar in our kitchen)

10. Sunday School Christmas Party

11. Meeting Santa

12. Visit to Six Flags and Sea World’s Christmas lights and shows

13. Elf Antics

14.  Grandparents!  For the first time in my 10 years of marriage the in laws are coming for Christmas.  I beyond excited!!!!  Photos as we pick them up at the airport along with hundreds of other fun activities.

15. Happy Birthday Jesus party (since Grandparents are coming and we are starting new traditions we are throwing a small Happy Birthday Jesus Party)

16. Baking cookies for Santa

17. Putting out Reindeer food on Christmas eve

18. Reading the Christmas story

19. Christmas Lights (we go looking at lights every year and stop for ice cream)

20. Christmas Morning

21. Lines out shopping

22. boxes

23. Wrapping gifts

24. Christmas movie night

25. Outside decorations

26. Words said by kiddos (My 2 year old is talking all the time now…he sees our neighbors Santa and yells “Uh Oh!  Ho Ho Down, Mama!!  Ho Ho Down”

There are more…but remember keep it simple and do what works for you.  I am going to do mine ALL DIGITAL and have it printed in an 8×8 book or 6×6 book.  Use templates and plan ahead. Find cute handwriting fonts or have your handwriting made into a font.  I have a list written out and will do some quickpages ahead of time so I can just drop in the photos when the day comes.  I searched Pinterest for December Daily and got a wealth of ideas.  It can be overwhelming but keep it simple and do what you can and at the end of the month you will have an amazing journal of your month.

Feel free to add your comments below on your December Daily projects or ideas.  I am new to this and am always looking to learn from others!


2 responses to “December Daily

  1. yabby says:

    I had not heard about this before. Sounds like a great idea for a scrapbook for my kids and so many great ideas to make it possible. Thank you!

  2. Good idea! I never thought about doing it for the kiddos… 🙂

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