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Blending a photo!

on December 5, 2012

Do you have a large photo you want to blend into your page or a picture that came out kind of blurry that you think it a total loss?  I have the a tutorial for you on blending those photos into your page and making a fun layout.

First you want to find your photo.  Mine is one of my youngest son and it came out a little blurry.  The lighting was off in the room and he was moving around.


Now figure out the kit you want to use.  I picked Talkin’ Turkey by Scraps N Pieces.

Pick a background paper and drag your photo onto your paper.

The first thing you want to do is soften the edges of the photo.  Choose the rectangle marquee tool or press the shortcut key “M”.  Add a feather of 50-80 pixels.   Draw a selection around your photo.  Ctrl J to copy to a new layer or copy and paste into a new layer.  Hide your original photo layer.

recmarquee tool

If the edges still seem harsh use your eraser tool with a brush with the hardness of 10-20%.  Go around the edges of the photo to smooth out the edges.  The shape doesn’t really matter since you are going to blend it into the photo.

Lastly lower the opacity of the photo and play with the blending modes.  Overlay, screen and multiply are good choices or leave it at normal.  I chose vivid light and an opacity of 58%.  This is the fun part where you can play around until you find what works.

opacityand blend

A few things I have learned with blending…have fun and a heavily textured paper gives the photo a great look.  A heavily textured paper isn’t a must but it really helps if your photo is blurry.

Here is my final page and some by my team!


LLD_LAB_LO4w LLD_LAB_LO2w Leaving_a_Legacy_Designs_-_Oh_the_Places_We_Won_t_Go_-_Are_we_There_Yet kavics_k falev_l_k 2012FirstDay 2006Smiles TL_Layout_1 Surfing the Waves SS_386

Aren’t those awesome!? If you have any questions just leave a comment and I will get back to you.  Have a great Wednesday!


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