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on January 3, 2013

Why do you scrapbook?  Is is stress relief, a hobby, a job, a memory for your family?  My design name Leaving a Legacy is my purpose in what I do.  I want to leave a legacy for my family.  A way for them to remember me and the things we do as a family.  My little family of 4 lives in Texas while our extended family live in Virginia/North Carolina and Georgia.  This weeks capture your 365 has been focused on family.  I have taken over 200 pictures in 2 days alone.  Pictures of cousins laughing and playing together, cousins that have not seen each other in 2 YEARS!  It was a blessing to hear them giggling and laughing together.  It is also sad as my oldest child went to bed in tears because he already misses his cousins and doesn’t know when we will get together again.  I will make it a point that they get together again soon!

I did some searching on Pinterest tonight and found a fun wall art that would make great journaling or titles on pages or even wall art for the home.

A few page titles that would be fitting for family pages:

Giggle and Laugh

Dream Big

Together 4 Ever

Family First

We Are Family

Family with Fur (animals/pets)

Just Us Relatives

A Cousin is a ready made friend for life

All in the family

Where do you go for page titles and inspiration for your scrapbook pages?  I tend to look at the galleries and also pinterest.  Did you know Leaving a Legacy Designs has a Pinterest page where you can find kits, layouts and even tips?  Check it out here.


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