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Font Junkie

on January 10, 2013

Yesterday I told you about some ways to use fonts and today I am going to share some of my teams favorite fonts as well as some of your favorite fonts!  Sit back, relax and get ready to download.  There are a lot!  🙂

First up is Julia with Tangerine.  This will make a great handwriting font

This font by Kevin and Amanda was a favorite for several of you!  This would make great page titles!

Here are a few from Facebook you told me about…

A few others I couldn’t get images for: Scrogglet, Scrap Casual

These will be linked:

Henriett likes:

Jane Austen a font great for handwriting

 AKA Dylan: a great title font

Rough Typewriter: This is one of my favorites as well.  It makes great titles as well as journaling

Hand of Sean for handwriting

Diana’s favorites include:

A few handwriting fonts: DJB Almost Perfect and Pea Ink and Post

For titles she likes: Bubblegum Sans and Robin Graffiti

A few other favorites from Diana: Airplanes in the Night Sky, JellyKA, Crispy, Janda Stylish Script and –Simply Glamourous

Some of my favorites include

Lucy, Peanuts, Rough Typewriter, Elephants in Cherry Tree, Rusted Plastic, Destroy, Ranchers

I have a lot more fonts that I love…I am a font junkie! Are you?  What are your favorites?

There are lots more…too many to name!  Be sure to check out my Pinterest page where I have been and will be pinning favorite fonts!

A few sites I enjoy searching for fonts would be:

Kevin and Amanda


Font Space


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