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Rewards Program!!

on January 17, 2013

I have been working on this all month and it is finally ready!  There are so many of you buying in my store that I thought it would be a good idea to reward those purchases.  Do you get those crazy punch cards when you go to stores and for every so many purchases you get a discount or something free?  I have created a virtual punch card for you.  For every $5 you spend in my store you get a “punch”.  When you have spent $60 in my store you will get a $6 coupon toward your next purchase.  Simply fill in the spaces on your card with the invoice/order number and date of purchase.  When your card is full, send it to me via email.  I’ll verify your purchases and send you a coupon for $6 in my store!  As an added bonus, any purchases since January 1, 2013 or later count toward your card!

Right click on the card and save it to your computer…




Here’s a few examples of how it will look:

  • What if you spend $9.87? Put the invoice number in one $5 box or spend a little more to get to $10 and fill in two $5 boxes
  • What if you spend $12.50? Put the invoice number in two $5 boxes
  • What if you fill out your card? AWESOME! Email it to me for your $5 code. Then start a new card so & start filling out another one!

Some “fine print” you’ll want to pay attention to:

  • Invoices must be dated on or after 01-1-2013. (Yep, this card is retroactive … to a point. You can count any purchases you’ve made since the beginning of the New Year)
  • You are responsible for completing your own reward card.
  • You can’t round up. So, if you spend $9.59 in my store, you can only put your invoice number in a $5 box, not 2 $5 boxes. (So you might just want to bump that total up over $10 so you can get your reward faster.)
  • You many only use one invoice number per box. (So invoices have to total at least $5 to be able to count them on your rewards card.)
  • You can’t count the total before any discounts (’cause that’d be cheating, lol). Go by the final total — the amount you paid for Leaving a Legacy Designs products.
  • Offer subject to change at any time. (I don’t plan to change it … but you never know what could happen in the future, so I’m just adding this “cover-my-butt” statement, just in case.)

Thanks so much for being loyal Leaving a Legacy Designs fans!
Email me with any questions. digiscrapping27@gmail.com


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