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Wednesday Tips and Tutorials: Titles

on January 23, 2013

Do you have a hard time coming up with a title for your layouts?  I know I do have a hard time with creative titles for a page.  I have a few tips for you today and even some examples from my team.

Alliteration is a fun and common way to create titles.  When I looked back over my gallery I found that this was the one I used the most.    Alliteration is a repetition of the initial consonant sound.

Some examples:  Winter Wonderland, Baby Blues, Bulldozer Boys, Tool Time, Terrible Twos, Picking the Perfect Pumpkin, Moon Man, Super Star


Another way to add some excitement to a title is to substitute a letter or word with an element.  You can put a basketball in place of the O in SHOOT….here some examples:

This first one uses Halloween Nights.  Robin put the open mouth of the ghost in place of the O in Halloween.


This works in all languages.  Henriett used the October Build a Kit pieces of mine and Designs by Snowlady to create this page.  The translation of the title: Harvest-elves (instead of elf, there is that creation)


Here is one where the whole word is replaced with an element.  I used a word art created as a freebie from one of my team members: Jenn.

Onomatopoeia is just as fun to say as it is to use on titles.  Some examples would be: Splash, Squirt, Giggle, Growl, Bam, Bang, Clang, Clack, Honk, Oink, Quack Quack, Slurp, Zoom are just a few….


A few other ideas I have for you would be:

Personification….Bear Reads My Mind

Idioms: Jump Ship, Sweating Bullets

Similies and Metaphos: Busy as a Bee, Time is Money

Song Lyrics, Rhymes or Rhyming words all make great titles as well.  Trying putting some of these together for a great title:

Boom Bang, Clash Clang (rhyming, onomatopoeia and alliteration)

Titles can be a lot of fun.  Now that I have sparked your imagination what ideas do you have for creative titles?  Share them with me and I will include them in a post on tomorrow’s blog!  I would love to see your layouts as well!


2 responses to “Wednesday Tips and Tutorials: Titles

  1. Nan says:

    Wonderful series of ideas. We can all use this!!

  2. Here is Smash Crash, our trip to a monster truck rally. http://stufftoscrap.com/photopost/data/541/MonsterTruck-July2011.jpg And second I used the #4 from your MoodyMonsters instead of spelling out four…http://stufftoscrap.com/photopost/data/892/Moody_Teen.jpg …I’m generally not very good with titles, thanks for the tutorial!

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