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Pin it Thursday!

Here are some of my finds this week…

I would NEVER get rid of my husband but this was too funny not to share!  Even funnier if you have seen this fishing one that is the hubby choosing fishing over his wife!

Love the baseball in place of the O and the grunge.

This one I love the paper strips with the sponging….

Love the file folder look on this one…

How fun is this vinyl for the wall??  My bathroom is not set up for this but man is it cool

Finally…another bit of humor for you!

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Benefits of Digital Scrapbooking…

I was a die hard paper crafter (is that a word??) until recently.   I still have a few paper supplies and still do some paper crafts and I even use my paper crafting for my digital designing.  I decided to list some reasons digital rocks!  I have a couple of friends that are paper scrappers and are thinking of making the switch because of time and little people that could steal the supplies and get hurt.

So here are thoughts on why digi ROCKS!  **note some ideas were shared from other digi friends**

  • No mess! Kids don’t get into your stash!
  • Easy clean-up! No packing everything up because it’s supper time!
  • All the cutting tools I could want! Perfect sizing every time!
  • No wasted paper! Don’t have scraps and pieces of papers lying around never to be used
  • Easily share with others! You don’t have to scrap separate albums for each set of parents, just print it twice!
  • Freebies, freebies and more freebies out there!
  • If I love someone’s layout idea, I can get it as a template and it’s super fast and easy!!
  • Endless fonts and types to use to make fun titles and don’t have to buy new cartridges! Just download free fonts available online! Use clipping masks to make quick titles! no messy glue to have to deal with!
  • My fave… portability!!!  I can scrap sitting in the at the airport… and TSA won’t confiscate my scrap scissors!!!  Also no bulky bag of supplies, just my laptop!
  • The ability to use elements and paper over and over again.
  • If I can’t find something to match my pictures I can make it or make the photo black and white or sepia
  • I can edit my photos AND cut them to any size, no more printing 4×6 photos and being stuck.
  • Ctrl Z!  No wasted supplies if I make a mistake…simply undo and try again.
  •  Way more techniques … like blending photos to your background.
  • If I love a layout I can easily turn it into my desktop or Facebook cover photo.
  • You can start a page and save and come back to it however many times it takes to get it finished without worrying about stuff drying or moving.
  • It’s quiet! You can scrap during nap time! (Have you ever hammered an eyelet or used the cricut)
  • You can customize one page for different people (“I love Grandma!” or “Memaw” or “Grammy”) and share your pages.
  • Resizing!  You can resize pictures, elements, papers, canvas sizes, or even entire layouts to meet each project’s needs.
  • Stuff to Scrap! It’s wonderful to have a whole group of friends who encourage you, laugh with you, cry with you,  and challenge you.
  • I like the fact that I can use the kits over and over again.  So if I want to make an album and want it to all match, you have the ability to reuse your stuff instead of having to purchase more.

There are many more ideas and I would love to hear them…why do you love digi?  Did you used to paper scrap and now have switched?  Why the switch?  Leave a comment and tell me why you love digi and why you made the switch.

Tune in tomorrow for some fun pins from Pinterest!

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Just Chill…$2 Tuesday

I apologize for coming to you so late this morning.  We had a cold wind blow in yesterday and it brought a BIG HEADACHE for me.  I am still hurting this morning, so this will be brief.  I wanted to show you my feature kit today: Just Chill.  For today only you can grab it for $2.

A closer look at the alpha and papersLLD_JC_ALPHAPREVIEW LLD_JC_PREVIEWPAPERS


Here are some fun pages from my team…

Desktop 2012Dec16CreatureReport ss0110_k lld_lab_fs_sketch9_tk LLD_JC_LO3 havazás_k

Now I have a fun frame freebie created by team member Tina.  Click on image to download


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Sneak Peek…

I have a quick sneek peek for you of my new kit, coming to play on March 1….40 elements, 20 papers and 27 word bits in 2 colors!



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Freebie Friday

It has been a while and I have a freebie for you today!  I have been learning and trying new skills lately…check it out!  I have a fun wanted poster for you that will coordinate with my kit “I Wanna Be a Cowboy”




Pin it Thursday

I apologize for this being late today.  I totally forgot to prepost this yesterday but I have a good reason.  Check it out…..Do you see them?  I am working on a pet kit and these are 2 of my puppies…do you see them?  This is how I design.  I paper punch a lot of my critters and themed elements.  I used to put them together then scan them but now I cut, trim and scan then put them together so I can get the shadows better.001


If you haven’t seen Leaving a Legacy Designs has a Pinterset page.  Go check it out and pin a few things.  I use pinterest for kits, scrabooking, cooking and more!  There is a wealth of information and it is a major time suck.  I started a new board: Pages I want to lift.  I love looking at paper scrap pages and trying to figure out how I can scrap them digitally.

Here are a couple that were fun….I try to add my own comment to remind myself why I pinned a page.  This first one I loved the layering.  I think digitally it would take a while to get right but man it would be one cool page.  A challenge to myself to try this week!


This next one I loved the strips of “wood” paneling with the “nails”.  I think this would look amazing with my I Wanna Be a Cowboy Kit

This one I love the photos that were taken.  It was a great reminder that people and even faces do not have to be the focus of a page.


This card was very cool.  I think would be neat to have strips of colors and instead of the cupcakes put photos.  I love looking at cards and using them for inspiration.

Here is a button card…aren’t those button balloons adorable!


Finally I will leaving you with one of my favorite recipes, Sesame Chicken.  I have made this a lot and my family loves it.




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Wednesday Tip…Resizing Photos!

Today I am going to send you off to a different site for a great tutorial!  Have you ever looked through the gallery and a layout will catch your eye because something is wonky with the photo?  When resizing a photo it  is key to keep the proportions correct.  Little Green Frog has a great tutorial for you on her blog.  You can see it HERE.  She has a lot of amazing tutorials over there as well as some pretty cool templates!  Have a great Wednesday and feel free to email me or post a comment if there is something you have been wanting to learn.

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Oh the Places We Won’t Go!

Today is $2 Tuesday and the feature kit is not just one but two that coordinate together!  Oh the Places You Won’t Go and Making Tracks are great kits for keeping track of all those place you go or try to go.  The concept of Oh the Places You Won’t Go comes from the mishaps, wrong turns, dead ends and just unfortunate events that happen when you travel.  In the moment you don’t want to even think about it being something to scrap but later you look back and laugh at the moment.  I have taken many road trips and have a load of stories.  Traveling with two little ones can do that to you.  Take a look at a few layouts done by my team using these kits…

Now take a look at the kit and other parts that are all only $2 or less today!!

Here is the kit: Oh the Places You Won’t Go


A closer look at the alpha and papersLLD_OTP_ALPHA LLD_OTP_PAPERS

A set of road signs


Quickpages for Oh the Places


Making Tracks Mini Kit



Did you know you can grab all of that for only $7.50?  Check out the bundle which includes both kits, both quickpages and the signs for $7.50!


How about a freebie?  I created a quickpage for you using the whole bundle!  Click on the image to download!




Happy President’s Day!



Happy President’s Day!  A little history (I love history, esp presidential history)  President’s Day is always the third Monday of February in the USA and it is in celebration of the birthday of George Washington!  President’s Day was started by President Nixon to celebrate all the past presidents.  Have a great day if you have the day off or if you have to have to work OR if you aren’t even in the US, Happy Monday!  Click on image above to grab the freebie!


Speed Scrap!

Leaving a Legacy Designs is hosting a speed scrap on Sunday night!  Come on out and join us, February 17 at 8pm CST, 9pm EST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST.


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