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Pin it Thursday

on February 21, 2013

I apologize for this being late today.  I totally forgot to prepost this yesterday but I have a good reason.  Check it out…..Do you see them?  I am working on a pet kit and these are 2 of my puppies…do you see them?  This is how I design.  I paper punch a lot of my critters and themed elements.  I used to put them together then scan them but now I cut, trim and scan then put them together so I can get the shadows better.001


If you haven’t seen Leaving a Legacy Designs has a Pinterset page.  Go check it out and pin a few things.  I use pinterest for kits, scrabooking, cooking and more!  There is a wealth of information and it is a major time suck.  I started a new board: Pages I want to lift.  I love looking at paper scrap pages and trying to figure out how I can scrap them digitally.

Here are a couple that were fun….I try to add my own comment to remind myself why I pinned a page.  This first one I loved the layering.  I think digitally it would take a while to get right but man it would be one cool page.  A challenge to myself to try this week!


This next one I loved the strips of “wood” paneling with the “nails”.  I think this would look amazing with my I Wanna Be a Cowboy Kit

This one I love the photos that were taken.  It was a great reminder that people and even faces do not have to be the focus of a page.


This card was very cool.  I think would be neat to have strips of colors and instead of the cupcakes put photos.  I love looking at cards and using them for inspiration.

Here is a button card…aren’t those button balloons adorable!


Finally I will leaving you with one of my favorite recipes, Sesame Chicken.  I have made this a lot and my family loves it.





One response to “Pin it Thursday

  1. Michele says:

    Thanks for feeding my pinterest addiction!

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