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Benefits of Digital Scrapbooking…

on February 27, 2013

I was a die hard paper crafter (is that a word??) until recently.   I still have a few paper supplies and still do some paper crafts and I even use my paper crafting for my digital designing.  I decided to list some reasons digital rocks!  I have a couple of friends that are paper scrappers and are thinking of making the switch because of time and little people that could steal the supplies and get hurt.

So here are thoughts on why digi ROCKS!  **note some ideas were shared from other digi friends**

  • No mess! Kids don’t get into your stash!
  • Easy clean-up! No packing everything up because it’s supper time!
  • All the cutting tools I could want! Perfect sizing every time!
  • No wasted paper! Don’t have scraps and pieces of papers lying around never to be used
  • Easily share with others! You don’t have to scrap separate albums for each set of parents, just print it twice!
  • Freebies, freebies and more freebies out there!
  • If I love someone’s layout idea, I can get it as a template and it’s super fast and easy!!
  • Endless fonts and types to use to make fun titles and don’t have to buy new cartridges! Just download free fonts available online! Use clipping masks to make quick titles! no messy glue to have to deal with!
  • My fave… portability!!!  I can scrap sitting in the at the airport… and TSA won’t confiscate my scrap scissors!!!  Also no bulky bag of supplies, just my laptop!
  • The ability to use elements and paper over and over again.
  • If I can’t find something to match my pictures I can make it or make the photo black and white or sepia
  • I can edit my photos AND cut them to any size, no more printing 4×6 photos and being stuck.
  • Ctrl Z!  No wasted supplies if I make a mistake…simply undo and try again.
  •  Way more techniques … like blending photos to your background.
  • If I love a layout I can easily turn it into my desktop or Facebook cover photo.
  • You can start a page and save and come back to it however many times it takes to get it finished without worrying about stuff drying or moving.
  • It’s quiet! You can scrap during nap time! (Have you ever hammered an eyelet or used the cricut)
  • You can customize one page for different people (“I love Grandma!” or “Memaw” or “Grammy”) and share your pages.
  • Resizing!  You can resize pictures, elements, papers, canvas sizes, or even entire layouts to meet each project’s needs.
  • Stuff to Scrap! It’s wonderful to have a whole group of friends who encourage you, laugh with you, cry with you,  and challenge you.
  • I like the fact that I can use the kits over and over again.  So if I want to make an album and want it to all match, you have the ability to reuse your stuff instead of having to purchase more.

There are many more ideas and I would love to hear them…why do you love digi?  Did you used to paper scrap and now have switched?  Why the switch?  Leave a comment and tell me why you love digi and why you made the switch.

Tune in tomorrow for some fun pins from Pinterest!


One response to “Benefits of Digital Scrapbooking…

  1. yabbyscrap says:

    I have 5 boys, so I LOVE digital because I can walk away and when I get back everything is right where I left it. About the only thing 🙂

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