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Freebie Friday!

It is finally Friday, Good Friday actually if you celebrate Easter.  My oldest is out of school today and is looking forward to a long weekend!

I have a freebie today for you created using Bad to the Bone…have you seen this cute, cute kit?  Bad to the Bone is part of the Stuff to Scrap Build a Kit for March.  I have a paper pack, element pack and word bits for you.  Check them out and remember the more you buy the more you save!


I had a request a while ago for a quickpage of one of my creative team members pages and so here it is…A Dog Duty check list.  I have two for you…one is blank and the other has word bits.  I included some word bits as well as a blank one.  I also pulled the paw print and the dog bowl from the element pack for you to use.


Here is a look at Tina’s page that she had originally created….super cute, right?



I have no pets in my house and no desire to get a pet in my house but I still love, love this kit.  Check out my page using this kit and a few others from my team.

LLD_BTB_LO1w Rudi_2008_k BTB_LLD_LO1_Robin_web_zpse1697ead wouaf110



One last thing….I have added the Easter Peeps journal cards to the store along with a few more!  They will be 30% off this weekend along with the Easter Peeps kit!!  Remember to grab the Easter Peeps Add On as well while it is FREE!  Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!



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Pin it Thursday…

Sorry for the lack of posts the last 2 weeks…I haven’t been on the computer much over the last 2 weeks but have slowly gotten back to it.  Here are a couple of pins that I loved this week.  Most of the pins are on my personal Pinterest page but I also have a Designer page too where I pin fonts, tutorials, layouts and ideas!

This one is probably one of my favorites lately.  It is so true too.  I get into a mode of creating sometimes that I forget to eat…just dive in and work.  Hubby laughed…he asked me yesterday where the window cleaner was and I asked him what would I use that for?  He said very true, I will keep looking! LOL

A cool organizing idea!

I will end with the cute bunny!  Until next week ladies!  Enjoy the short Pinterest addition….happy pinning!

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Tutorial: Making journaling fit on the lines

The latest trend that I am seeing on a lot pages and in a lot of stores are journal cards.  They are super fun to make and even more fun to use.  I created some fun ones yesterday for Easter Peeps which is still 30% off until Monday!  Today I want to show you how to line up the journaling on the lines….it is called adjusting the leading.  Let’s get started!

1. Make a text box.   With the text tool, click down in the upper left corner of the journaling element, then drag down to the bottom right corner without letting up on the mouse button. When you are in the bottom corner THEN let go. You should see your new text box highlighted (the marching border).  My journal card is a bit angled so I had to turn my box to line it up correctly.


2. Type or paste your text in the box.  Move the text so the TOP line of your text is sitting nicely on the TOP line of your journal card.


Let me take a moment and make a note that my journaling goes around the pizza!  How did I do that?  This is a fairly new trick that I have learned using paths in PS.  I think you can do them in PSE10 and up but I am not sure.  BEFORE you make your text box, take the polygon lasso tool and draw your own box.  Next open up the path area and create a work path.  Now you will see this thin box.  Select the text tool and when you put inside the box it will have a circle around it.  You can now start typing your text as normal.  *(if this doesn’t make sense let me know and I will type out a tutorial on paths as well)*

Now we are going to adjust the leading.  You will find your text options under WINDOW, CHARACTER.  I already have mine set up in the side tool bar area…You can also see the work path here as well.


Step 3:  Highlight all of your text (Ctrl-A) Then using the drop-down box try some of the preset numbers.  We will be using the selection that looks like two A’s on top of each other!  This is where you get to play!  Adjust the numbers until you find something that will work.  I ended up with 14.25.


Just finish your page and you are ready to go!  Now you can make those words fit on the lines in journaling cards and the ledger papers you see in most kits now as well.  If you have any questions please email me at digiscrapping27@gmail.com or leave a comment!  Here is the full page!  I used a template from Scraps by Missy that is  for the template challenge at Stuff to Scrap.  Kit used is Saucy!


Now how about a freebie to help you practice?


Have a great Wednesday!  I will see you again soon….If there is something you want to learn feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.  I am always looking to share what I know or learn something new!


$2 Tuesday and a Freebie!

$2 Tuesday and a freebie!
It is that time of week again…$2 Tuesday!  Today’s feature kit is Easter Peeps and it is just in time for Easter!  Easter feels super early to me this year.  Has spring hit your area yet or are you covered in a mountain of snow?  We rarely see snow in South Texas.  We did get some of the cold front though and some cold air.  Our 80-90’s dropped to 50-60’s.  My Texas body is COLD! 🙂  I am sitting in my office chair covered in a blanket and I think it is 60 outside!  We should hopefully be back up into the 80’s by next week though.  It has been a COLD winter.  I am ready for flip flops and my t-shirts and sunshine!

Easter Peeps is a great kit for Easter and spring time photos!  The warm bright colors are perfect for those fun spring days and Easter basket moments.  There is also an add on that will be free for one more week.  The add on is for the Use it All Challenge at Stuff to Scrap!

Check out a few of these fun pages using Easter Peeps….

Here is a look at the kit, add on, word art and quickpages!

$2 Tuesday~

How about a freebie?  The latest trend seems to be journal cards and well I got carried away and made a bunch of them!  They are a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to use them on my Easter and Spring pages this year.  Grab these while they are free and be on the look out for these and a bunch more to be added to my store next week!

***EASTER PEEPS JOURNAL CARDS NOW IN STORES…13 total.  Click on image to be directed to the store***



Easter Peeps!

Did you know I am hosting the Use It All Challenge at Stuff to Scrap?  I created a fun mini kit that coordinates with Easter Peeps.  The challenge is to use all the parts of the mini kit to complete a page.   The mini kit will be FREE until the end of the month.

Check it out….

There are already a lot of fun layouts in the gallery….some of which use parts of the Easter Peeps kit

Easter Peeps is 30% off all month long as well so you can grab it to add your Easter or Spring scrapping collection!

There are also coordinating quickpages and word art as well…

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I have a new kit for you today!  I have been working on this one for a while.  Do you ever feel like you were accused of something but it wasn’t your fault or maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time?  Today’s kit is a fun spin on the popular fairy tale: The Three Little Pigs…do you know the real story?  The True Story of the The Little Pigs is told by A. Wolf.  The story tells of how he was making a cake for his grandma and ran out of sugar.  He went to his neighbor the pigs to ask  for sugar but sneezed and the house fell down.  He couldn’t leave a dead pig laying around so he ate him.  When the press showed up they thought the huff and puff story sounded better than the sneezing and accident part.  Have you caught your little one red handed in the act of creating a disaster or maybe just for being a kid?  Today’s kit is one you can use over and over again for those fun candid moments caught on camera!  The kit contains a full alpha, over 60 elements, 15 patterned papers and 6 solid papers!  There is even a small add on…stay tuned to find out how to get it for FREE!

My team did an amazing job with this kit so before I show you the kit I want you to check out these fun pages!

Here is a closer look at the papers since the elements take over!


There is also a set of quickpages available as well….

I went to scrap with the kit the other night and found I was missing a few things that I wanted to have in the kit so I made a small add on for you…You can get it for FREE, just click on the preview to download!



Double Page Layouts and a Sneak Peek!

Are you a single page scrapper or a double page scrapper?  I tend to do one page layouts for most of my photos but if I have a big event or a lot of photos from one event that I love I will do a double page spread.  Here are a few by the team and myself.

First off Henriett used Easter Peeps to create this fun layout.  I love how she included all the face shots and a large title as well.  The blocking is a great way to include a lot of photos at one time.


Next up is a fun page of my boys at breakfast one morning while we were on vacation.  I spread the photos out  and add a lot of journaling.  I used the same papers on each page but in a different way to add some fluidity to the page.

Next up I used blocking to add a lot of photos from a fun water table experience with my boys.  I used the second page to add one large photo and the journaling.


This page I used a song and journaling for the second page and a single photo for the first page.


Next up Tricia spread  her photos out across the page.  A lot of fun photos and similar clusters draw your eye around the page.


Finally a small sneak peek of my newest kit coming out on Friday….Framed!  Another song/story with fun photos!


Have a great Wednesday!  Go try a double page layout.  I am sure you will enjoy playing with them.  It is fun to put tons of photos on a page, but remember the story and remember to leave that legacy!

Kits used in the making of these pages:

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It’s A Spring Thing…

Thank you for sticking around as I have been absent this week.  My sweet grandmother passed away last Saturday and my small family of 4 loaded up in a rental car and DROVE from Texas to VA to be with family.  I have not felt like blogging but I am ready to get back into the swing of things and do what I love…preserving memories so my kiddos can look back and remember the fun times we had together.  I enjoyed spending time with family this past week remembering her and cherishing those sweet memories we have of her.  She will be missed greatly.  We left the chilly temps of Virginia and came home to hot Texas.  Spring arrived here in south Texas!  Today we hit a high of 90 degrees!  I so enjoy the warm weather.  Today’s feature kit is the perfect one to grab for scrapping your fun spring time photos!  This huge kit started off as part of the May 2012 build a kit and has been bundled into one huge it.   You are getting 69 elements (some chipboard copies of original elements), 30 papers, full alpha (upper, lower, numbers and symbols) and 30 wordbits plus a blank bit for your own words.  It’s a Spring Thing is $2 today only so be sure to grab it for your fun spring photos.


Here is a look at the kit and a few pages I have done using the kit:



Be sure to grab the templates as well that go along with this fun kit!  Use coupon code: LLD_SPRING13 to get an extra 10% off the templates!


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Feelin Lucky!

It is $2 Tuesday and I have a fun St. Patrick’s Day kit for you in the $2 bin.  Feelin’ Lucky is a mini kit with 10 papers and 14 elements.  It is a fun little kit to scrap your little leprechaun.

Check out these fun layouts from my team and a freebie from Jenn that you can grab on her facebook page.

2012DecMyCloverSleeper I_am_a_Little_Leprechaun_song Leaving_a_Legacy_Designs_-_Feelin_Lucky_-_Dressed_for_Work

Here is a fun freebie created by team member Jenn using Feelin’ Lucky and Groovy!  Click on the image to head over to her blog to grab it.


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Bad to the Bone Freebie

Have you seen the March Build a Kit?  It is perfect for all your furry and fuzzy friends!

Check out my parts of the build a kit…the dogs were all handmade by me and so fun to make!  I wanted to make more but ran out of time….maybe I will add them on later! 🙂
 photo ELEMENTPREVIEW_zpse80ffd2e.jpg
 photo PAPERSPREVIEW_zpsebcada6b.jpg

 photo WORDBITSPREVIEW_zpsdb6f7876.jpg

As with all the Build a Kits the more you buy the more you save!  Remember you can save half when you buy 3 or more!  Check out all the other parts to the amazing build a kit!


I have a flair freebie for you today!