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Using Digital Washi Tape!

on March 6, 2013

The amazing Nicole of Digi Designs by Nicole has an awesome tutorial on her blog for using washi tape.  So you don’t have to leave the blog I wrote up my own version for you to try.  Did you snag the freebie washi tape from yesterday?  It coordinates with my Easter Peeps Kit and Add on!  I am going to show you how I have learned to use this awesome tape.  I have to say it is pretty natural for me to want to add a shadow to the tape and be done but that just doesn’t look quite right and leaving it flat looks dull as well.   Here is my layout with the tape and no shadows or anything done to it.  It looks pretty plain and boring right?


You can make this little piece of tape stand out by just using the burn and dodge tools.  Let’s get started….

Start by selecting your Dodge Tool, use a large soft brush at 50px, keeping midtones as the range, and changing the exposure to 30%.  Start your brush stroke right above the paper matting on the tape piece, holding your shift key to keep your brush stroke straight.  This adds a lighten look to the tape piece above the paper matting.


We are going to repeat this step two more times, but make your Dodge brush size smaller each time.  The 2nd time change your brush to 30px, and the last time change it to 15px.

Next we are going to do the same thing but with the Burn Tool.  Use a large soft brush again, and for the first brush stroke, make the size the entire bottom half of the tape (mine was at 400px), keeping the range on midtones and the exposure to 30% again.


Just like we did it two additional times with the Dodge Tool, you do it again two additional times with the Burn Tool.  I changed it to about 100px the 2nd time and then the last time around 30px.  Play with the sizes to see what looks right for the size tape you are using.

Now you are done, and your tape piece looks realistic!


Here is the finished page using Easter Peeps


If you have any questions or problems with any of the steps please let me know and I will be happy to help you out.  Have a great Wednesday!


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