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Pin It Thursday

on March 7, 2013

Do you remember this pin?  I decided for today’s pin it Thursday I would give some of my pins a try….

Here is my attempt at it, not too bad right?  I used my kit Joyful Noise and Chelle’s Creations CU Torn Edges

This next one is a new pin but I saw it and immediately had to give it a try!  A very simple layout compared to the previous one but I knew

Moody Monsters was the kit for it.


Fun, right?!  I had fun making this one.  Okay how about a few more pins….

The reason Photoshop was invented!

My husband would laugh at me when he would find me in the kitchen standing in front of the back door “warming” up!  I so get this one!  On a chilly day do you go look for that ray of sunshine!?

Lastly is a recipe!  We all have to cook, some of us for a family.  I love this one and it is so easy!  Sour cream noodle bake.  I will start by saying I do not like sour cream or cottage cheese but love this recipe.  I have substituted the cottage cheese for ricotta once or twice.  We make this dish at least once or twice a month.  I usually add a nice green salad and some bread…good to go!

Have you tried a recent pin?  I would love to hear about it.  Leave a comment below to a pin you have tried.  It can be a recipe, a layout, a tutorial, clothing, project…anything.  Have a great Thursday and happy pinning!!


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