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Tutorial: Making journaling fit on the lines

on March 27, 2013

The latest trend that I am seeing on a lot pages and in a lot of stores are journal cards.  They are super fun to make and even more fun to use.  I created some fun ones yesterday for Easter Peeps which is still 30% off until Monday!  Today I want to show you how to line up the journaling on the lines….it is called adjusting the leading.  Let’s get started!

1. Make a text box.   With the text tool, click down in the upper left corner of the journaling element, then drag down to the bottom right corner without letting up on the mouse button. When you are in the bottom corner THEN let go. You should see your new text box highlighted (the marching border).  My journal card is a bit angled so I had to turn my box to line it up correctly.


2. Type or paste your text in the box.  Move the text so the TOP line of your text is sitting nicely on the TOP line of your journal card.


Let me take a moment and make a note that my journaling goes around the pizza!  How did I do that?  This is a fairly new trick that I have learned using paths in PS.  I think you can do them in PSE10 and up but I am not sure.  BEFORE you make your text box, take the polygon lasso tool and draw your own box.  Next open up the path area and create a work path.  Now you will see this thin box.  Select the text tool and when you put inside the box it will have a circle around it.  You can now start typing your text as normal.  *(if this doesn’t make sense let me know and I will type out a tutorial on paths as well)*

Now we are going to adjust the leading.  You will find your text options under WINDOW, CHARACTER.  I already have mine set up in the side tool bar area…You can also see the work path here as well.


Step 3:  Highlight all of your text (Ctrl-A) Then using the drop-down box try some of the preset numbers.  We will be using the selection that looks like two A’s on top of each other!  This is where you get to play!  Adjust the numbers until you find something that will work.  I ended up with 14.25.


Just finish your page and you are ready to go!  Now you can make those words fit on the lines in journaling cards and the ledger papers you see in most kits now as well.  If you have any questions please email me at digiscrapping27@gmail.com or leave a comment!  Here is the full page!  I used a template from Scraps by Missy that is  for the template challenge at Stuff to Scrap.  Kit used is Saucy!


Now how about a freebie to help you practice?


Have a great Wednesday!  I will see you again soon….If there is something you want to learn feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.  I am always looking to share what I know or learn something new!


2 responses to “Tutorial: Making journaling fit on the lines

  1. Henriett says:

    Thank you, Kimberly!

  2. […] Tutorial: Making journaling fit on the lines – 1 freebie(s) […]

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