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Speed Scrap with Queen Bee Scraps!

Queen Bee Scraps CT Kim is hosting a Speed Scrap tomorrow at the STS chat room and forum. All you have to do is finish a layout in the time she gives you and you will receive a $3 coupon to Queen Bee Scraps STS store. Here is all the information. Hope to see you all there.

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Just Chill and FREE KIT GIVEAWAY DAY 1!!

Today is Tuesday and that means $2 Tuesday at Stuff to Scrap!!

2 dollar tuesdays

Today I have Just Chill for you and because of my sale this month the quickpages are LESS than $2!

Here are a few of my favorite layouts from my team and myself using this kit!  This is a super fun kit for just about any type of layout.

LLD_JC_LO3 LLD_JC_LO1w LLD_JC_LO1_Robin_web_zps17ed3e5c LLD_JC_LO2w

Now day 1 of your FREE KIT!

Here is the preview of what you will be collecting this week…fun right?  Remember links will only be available for 24 hours, no exceptions.  You will be collecting various pieces so be sure to keep checking back here each day to find out where the next piece will be hidden so you can get the full kit!  This kit is HUGE and you don’t want to miss out!  Now just click the two gifts to download DAY 1!  There are two files today!





Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter (link up on the side bar), a fan of my facebook page and subscribed to my blog so you don’t miss any parts of this kit.  Check back tomorrow to find out where you can find the next piece of the kit and read the first installment of Confessions of a CT Member!


Speed Scrap with Mommy Me Time Scrapper!

Tammy from Mommy Me Time Scrapper is hosting a Speed Scrap

and here’s a peek at the cute participation prize
The participation prize coordinates with the huge collab Wonderland from Growing Pains Scrapped, Mommy Me Time Scraper and The Scrappy Kat.
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Sneak Peek of FREE Kit!!

Leaving a Legacy Designs has been designing for one year and as a thank you to her wonderful customers and fans she wrapping up her celebration month by giving away a new kit!  You will be able to collect a part of the kit each day starting tomorrow.  Each part will only be available for 24 hours.


The kit will be available in a different spot each day….so make sure you are subscribed to the blog, a fan of the Leaving a Legacy Designs facebook fan page and subscribed to the newsletter!  Check into the blog each day to find out where you will find the days part.


Creative Team Blog Hop: Freebie Friday!

Leaving a Legacy Designs amazing creative team has put together a fun blog hop of freebies from their favorite Leaving a Legacy Design Kits.  Head over to each blog to grab the freebies and remember the store is on sale for 30% off until Wednesday!

The first freebie comes to from Nanscraps and she used the kit Mother Knows Best!  Remember you can get the word bits for free using coupon code LLD_MOM13 at check out.  Today is the last day to get the word art for free!  Click on the preview to head on over to her blog to grab it!

CTfreebieSTS_ProductPackaging-cluster-MOM (2)

The next freebie comes from Henriett (Heni scrappel).  She used Oh the Places You Won’t Go and created a fun paper stacker for you.


Next up Jen (Buzzing Creations) has a word art freebie for you using Life’s a Beach.Leaving a Legacy Designs - Life's a Beach - Wordart Freebie Preview

Tina used Chalk Talk to create this fun freebie frame cluster.  Do you have a future artist that would look great in this frame?


Last but not least is Robin (Robin’s Ramblings).  Robin used Love Ya To Pieces and the Love Ya to Pieces Add On to create this beautiful quickpage for you.


Leaving a Legacy Designs will have a freebie for you starting next week but make sure you are signed up for the newsletter, a fan of her facebook fan page and subscribed to the blog so you don’t miss any of the parts!

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Digital Blemish Control!

Do you ever snap a photo only to realize you have a huge zit or bruise or the kid has chocolate pudding on his face?  Did you know with photoshop you can fix almost anything? I am not an expert at photoshop but I can fix a few problems with my photos.  The example I am going to use is a family photo I have from summer of 2011.  My husband was on travel and hit his head on something in the hotel room.  The photo was taken at the very spot hubby and I got married, how many people can do that?



Anyway..notice the red spot on his head?  We have to get rid of this and it is pretty easy to do…

1. Select the healing brush tool.  In CS6 it looks like a bandaid!


2. Press the ALT button and click on the area that will be your “bandaid”.  Your “bandaid” will need to be an area that is similar in texture and hue and darkness.  Note that the “bandaid” won’t be like a perfect cut and paste of that area…but more of an inspiration for Photoshop to mask the blemish.   If you choose an area that is too dark or too light it will be really noticable so play around to find the perfect spot.



Now just to play around lets see if we can remove the bench.  If you notice it is reflected into the water as well.



The final photo!  Not too bad right?  Now you may not want to always remove the crumbs off a baby’s face or even that first pimple off a teenagers face but sometimes something shows up in the photo that isn’t supposed to be there.  Now you can remove it easily!



Have a great Wednesday! Tune in next week for the first installment of “Confessions of a CT Member”.  I will sharing a few things that I learned in my few years as a CT member on 10 teams at ONE TIME!

Remember my store is 30% off for just one more week!  I working on a freebie kit for you that will be in parts on my blog, newsletter, facebook and even a giveaway at a speed scrap on Thursday morning!


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Chalk Talk and a freebie

It is$2 Tuesday and I have a great deal for you today!

$2 Tuesday and a freebie!

Today’s feature kit is Chalk Talk!  Chalk Talk is a great kit for capturing those school moments, reading times, library trips, homeschool days and more.  At the time I designed this kit I was homeschooling, now my kiddo is in public school and doing fantastic.  He is rocking honor roll in 3rd grade and will be heading into 4th grade.  One of the things we value in my home is reading!  My boys (ages 8 and 2) love books.  Just this past week my oldest has read Matilda, Charlotte’s Web, James and the Giant Peach and now Peter and the Star Catchers.  He can go through a chapter book in a day or two.  As a mom I love to see my kiddos picking up books and begging to be read to or just watching them read.  A few months back I looked in my rear view mirror to see the baby (2 years old) reading a book.  I only had my phone at the time so I grabbed a quick photo as not to disturb his reading.  I love that I can give him a book of any kind and he knows it is valuable and for reading.  We have not had too many problems with him tearing books up, only if was already started would he mess with one.  We have books all over my house, in every room, on the floor, on the kitchen table, in my car…every where!


Here is a look at the kit…it is packed full of goodies!   Chalk Talk has over 80 elements, 20 word bits, 25 patterned papers, 10 solid papers and 2 alphas!  There are also coordinating quickpages, memory books and word art!

A closer look at the papers in the kit!LLD_CT_PPnew-logo LLD_CT_SP

How about a freebie?  I created the fun alpha in my layout for you today!


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Monday Mania…

Happy Monday to you!  Did you have a good weekend?  Ours was pretty busy.  My oldest son had church Awana games early Saturday morning then we headed to lunch and soccer!  Whew!  I have to admit that after all that I fell asleep on the couch that afternoon for a little bit, even with kids running around me.  Did you see my newest release on Friday, Mother Knows Best?  Did you grab the freebie in the Stuff to Scrap newsletter?  If you missed the freebie I have it for you today…I created not one but 2 fun glitter alphas for you to go along with the kit.  There is a solid gray glitter alpha and then a second one with a pink outline.  You are getting 2 full alphas: upper, lower, numbers and symbols.  You can download them here and here



Remember you can get the word bits for FREE this week using coupon code LLD_MOM13 and the kit is 30% off until the end of the month!  Check out the kit and word art.  In the word art pack you are getting 3 fun word arts and over 80 word bits in 2 colors!  The kit has over 80 elements (66 unique), 14 papers, 5 solid papers, 4 glitter papers and a full alpha!




Have a great Monday!  I will be back tomorrow with $2 Tuesday!


Mother Knows Best!

Mother Knows Best is the newest kit from Leaving a Legacy Designs.  Mother’s day is just around the corner and what better way to honor mom and grandma than with a fun kit to scrap photos of her.  I immediately thought of my own mom as well as myself as a mom and what kind of kit would I want.  I am not a lovey dovey baby talking mama, I am more of a suck it up and get over it mama.  I love to cuddle with my son and rock him for nap but for the most part it is tough love.  🙂  I have two sweet, sweet boys but they are rough and tough little guys.  Another thing I wanted to focus on in this kit is that we as moms wear many, many hats.  We are teachers, nurses, advice givers, cooks, wives, business women and so much much more.  The word art for this kit has over 75 word bits that describes us as moms and grandmas.  Here is my page and my inspiration for the kit…My sister forgot her memory card for her camera at Christmas and her camera is better than mine so I put my card in her camera.  I was having a lot of fun snapping random photos of mom and caught some fun expressions.  I laughed when I started scrapping this page because I can see some of my own expressions in hers.  The large photo is my wonderful mom with me and my siblings!


My team did an amazing job with this kit!  I was blown away by the amazing pages.  Check them out!

Here is a look at the kit with a closer look at the papers and alpha!

Mompapers Alphapreview

There is also a set of word art/word bits

You can get the word art for FREE when you purchase the kit this week!  Remember everything is 30% off until April 30!


Head on over to Jenn (Bumblebees) blog and grab a fun freebie frame cluster!

Leaving a Legacy Designs - Mother Knows Best - Frame Freebie Preview

Before you go I need to announce the winner of the new kit….Email me at digiscrapping27@gmail.com and I will send you a coupon!  CONGRATS KIM!!

Kim Goodman says:
APRIL 16, 2013 AT 4:21 PM  (EDIT)

Favorite saying to my 6 year old. I have the power to make your life miserable.
Thanks for the mini.

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Videos on Digital Scrapbooking Pages!!

I know this is not new to some of you but have you tried it?  I came across several blog posts talking about using these codes on scrapbook pages.

What is QR?  QR is short for quick response code.  You’ve probably seen these codes everywhere – from flyers to soft drink cups. A QR Code is simply a 2-dimensional barcode that is used to quickly access a webpage when scanning the code with a smartphone (among other tasks they can perform) .

There are a lot of places to grab them for free.  You can use them to link people to videos, websites, events and more!  Just think of the possibilities on a scrapbook page.  You can link to a video, a website of a place you visited, a song even.  Let’s get started…

1.  Your first step is to upload a video to You Tube (or another site you may have).  For a little more privacy, I keep my home videos set as “Unlisted”.  This just means you have to have the link to access them or view them.  They will not pop up in people’s searches.

2. Once your video is uploaded, go to your videos to see your uploaded videos. Click on the title of the video you want to make a QR code of. This will take you to the URL of the video. Now you need to copy your video’s URL.


3.  Now it is time to generate the code!  There are tons of sites out there if you google FREE QR CODES.  I used Unitag and QR Stuff.  They both worked great.  You can customize your code and it is all free.  It will also download the code as a PNG to your computer.


You can customize your code as well…You can change up the colors, the look, even embed a small logo.  I did learn that you have to make sure your colors contrast like black and white.  I tried a light blue and white and they were too similar.  Test your code out before you print your pages.2013-04-16_1143

Now save the code to your computer and scrap your page!4

Have fun scrapping those QR codes. I can’t WAIT to see your creations. Please share them with me! If you have any other questions about creating, scrapping or scanning QR codes in your digital layouts please let me know and I’ll do my best to help.  Here is the page I created with a short video.  You should be able to scan it and hear my babies chatting with each other.  You can use any bar code scanner ap that you may have on your phone.  I have an Android phone and downloaded an app call QR Droid.  It scanned pretty quickly.  I used my kit Framed for the page below.  The frame cluster was yesterday’s freebie on my CT member Robin’s blog!



I was going to do a tutorial on removing blemishes but I am going to save that for next week….if you have not signed up for my newsletter make sure you do that as well.  I sometimes put tips and tutorials in there as well as special coupons!