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Framed and a freebie!

on April 16, 2013

$2 Tuesday and a freebie!

Today is $2 Tuesday and I have Framed in the $2 bin for you today!  You can also grab the quickpages for less than $2 since they are 30% off this month!

Here are some pages from my amazing team!

Framed_LO2_k LeavingaLegacyDesigns-Framed-LittleRedRidingHood_zps1d0467ec 2013Mar21_FRAMED framed_lld_qu_robin_web_zps840b1c0b framed_lld_lo2_robin_web_zpse0d05d1d framed_edited-1_zps2a871fa0 lld_framed_lo1_blunderbuss_mampm_robin_web_zps63ccf714

busted_zps1b1f9f1f elrabolva_k LLD_FRAMED_LO1w 2013MarTopSecretSleeping

**Medal not included in the kit**framed1b LLD_BP_LO1w

Remember there is an add on available as well.  Click on the preview to be taken to the blog post with the link!LLD_FRAMED_PREVIEWADDON

After you have grabbed that hop on over to Robin’s blog and grab her fun frame freebie!


Have a great Tuesday!  Remember the $2 Tuesday sale is good until midnight!


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