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Videos on Digital Scrapbooking Pages!!

on April 17, 2013

I know this is not new to some of you but have you tried it?  I came across several blog posts talking about using these codes on scrapbook pages.

What is QR?  QR is short for quick response code.  You’ve probably seen these codes everywhere – from flyers to soft drink cups. A QR Code is simply a 2-dimensional barcode that is used to quickly access a webpage when scanning the code with a smartphone (among other tasks they can perform) .

There are a lot of places to grab them for free.  You can use them to link people to videos, websites, events and more!  Just think of the possibilities on a scrapbook page.  You can link to a video, a website of a place you visited, a song even.  Let’s get started…

1.  Your first step is to upload a video to You Tube (or another site you may have).  For a little more privacy, I keep my home videos set as “Unlisted”.  This just means you have to have the link to access them or view them.  They will not pop up in people’s searches.

2. Once your video is uploaded, go to your videos to see your uploaded videos. Click on the title of the video you want to make a QR code of. This will take you to the URL of the video. Now you need to copy your video’s URL.


3.  Now it is time to generate the code!  There are tons of sites out there if you google FREE QR CODES.  I used Unitag and QR Stuff.  They both worked great.  You can customize your code and it is all free.  It will also download the code as a PNG to your computer.


You can customize your code as well…You can change up the colors, the look, even embed a small logo.  I did learn that you have to make sure your colors contrast like black and white.  I tried a light blue and white and they were too similar.  Test your code out before you print your pages.2013-04-16_1143

Now save the code to your computer and scrap your page!4

Have fun scrapping those QR codes. I can’t WAIT to see your creations. Please share them with me! If you have any other questions about creating, scrapping or scanning QR codes in your digital layouts please let me know and I’ll do my best to help.  Here is the page I created with a short video.  You should be able to scan it and hear my babies chatting with each other.  You can use any bar code scanner ap that you may have on your phone.  I have an Android phone and downloaded an app call QR Droid.  It scanned pretty quickly.  I used my kit Framed for the page below.  The frame cluster was yesterday’s freebie on my CT member Robin’s blog!



I was going to do a tutorial on removing blemishes but I am going to save that for next week….if you have not signed up for my newsletter make sure you do that as well.  I sometimes put tips and tutorials in there as well as special coupons!


2 responses to “Videos on Digital Scrapbooking Pages!!

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  2. claudia says:

    First of all I want to thank you for all the beautiful freebies you share and your tips and tutorials ( I have a pinterest-site (www.pinterest.com/clautje) where i collect PSE-tutorials so your tutorials are also on my pinterest!) I’m subscribed to your newsletter so I won’t miss a thing. When I read this tutorial I just knew I had to use this. Last week we went to Wrestlemania in Rotterdam and I made a short movie about John Cena defeating Ryback. I made a QR-code of this movie. You can see the LO on our blog: http://www.tristanvanschie.blogspot.com

    Love from Holland,


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