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Mother Knows Best!

on April 19, 2013

Mother Knows Best is the newest kit from Leaving a Legacy Designs.  Mother’s day is just around the corner and what better way to honor mom and grandma than with a fun kit to scrap photos of her.  I immediately thought of my own mom as well as myself as a mom and what kind of kit would I want.  I am not a lovey dovey baby talking mama, I am more of a suck it up and get over it mama.  I love to cuddle with my son and rock him for nap but for the most part it is tough love.  🙂  I have two sweet, sweet boys but they are rough and tough little guys.  Another thing I wanted to focus on in this kit is that we as moms wear many, many hats.  We are teachers, nurses, advice givers, cooks, wives, business women and so much much more.  The word art for this kit has over 75 word bits that describes us as moms and grandmas.  Here is my page and my inspiration for the kit…My sister forgot her memory card for her camera at Christmas and her camera is better than mine so I put my card in her camera.  I was having a lot of fun snapping random photos of mom and caught some fun expressions.  I laughed when I started scrapping this page because I can see some of my own expressions in hers.  The large photo is my wonderful mom with me and my siblings!


My team did an amazing job with this kit!  I was blown away by the amazing pages.  Check them out!

Here is a look at the kit with a closer look at the papers and alpha!

Mompapers Alphapreview

There is also a set of word art/word bits

You can get the word art for FREE when you purchase the kit this week!  Remember everything is 30% off until April 30!


Head on over to Jenn (Bumblebees) blog and grab a fun freebie frame cluster!

Leaving a Legacy Designs - Mother Knows Best - Frame Freebie Preview

Before you go I need to announce the winner of the new kit….Email me at digiscrapping27@gmail.com and I will send you a coupon!  CONGRATS KIM!!

Kim Goodman says:
APRIL 16, 2013 AT 4:21 PM  (EDIT)

Favorite saying to my 6 year old. I have the power to make your life miserable.
Thanks for the mini.

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