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Chalk Talk and a freebie

on April 23, 2013

It is$2 Tuesday and I have a great deal for you today!

$2 Tuesday and a freebie!

Today’s feature kit is Chalk Talk!  Chalk Talk is a great kit for capturing those school moments, reading times, library trips, homeschool days and more.  At the time I designed this kit I was homeschooling, now my kiddo is in public school and doing fantastic.  He is rocking honor roll in 3rd grade and will be heading into 4th grade.  One of the things we value in my home is reading!  My boys (ages 8 and 2) love books.  Just this past week my oldest has read Matilda, Charlotte’s Web, James and the Giant Peach and now Peter and the Star Catchers.  He can go through a chapter book in a day or two.  As a mom I love to see my kiddos picking up books and begging to be read to or just watching them read.  A few months back I looked in my rear view mirror to see the baby (2 years old) reading a book.  I only had my phone at the time so I grabbed a quick photo as not to disturb his reading.  I love that I can give him a book of any kind and he knows it is valuable and for reading.  We have not had too many problems with him tearing books up, only if was already started would he mess with one.  We have books all over my house, in every room, on the floor, on the kitchen table, in my car…every where!


Here is a look at the kit…it is packed full of goodies!   Chalk Talk has over 80 elements, 20 word bits, 25 patterned papers, 10 solid papers and 2 alphas!  There are also coordinating quickpages, memory books and word art!

A closer look at the papers in the kit!LLD_CT_PPnew-logo LLD_CT_SP

How about a freebie?  I created the fun alpha in my layout for you today!



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