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Digital Blemish Control!

on April 24, 2013

Do you ever snap a photo only to realize you have a huge zit or bruise or the kid has chocolate pudding on his face?  Did you know with photoshop you can fix almost anything? I am not an expert at photoshop but I can fix a few problems with my photos.  The example I am going to use is a family photo I have from summer of 2011.  My husband was on travel and hit his head on something in the hotel room.  The photo was taken at the very spot hubby and I got married, how many people can do that?



Anyway..notice the red spot on his head?  We have to get rid of this and it is pretty easy to do…

1. Select the healing brush tool.  In CS6 it looks like a bandaid!


2. Press the ALT button and click on the area that will be your “bandaid”.  Your “bandaid” will need to be an area that is similar in texture and hue and darkness.  Note that the “bandaid” won’t be like a perfect cut and paste of that area…but more of an inspiration for Photoshop to mask the blemish.   If you choose an area that is too dark or too light it will be really noticable so play around to find the perfect spot.



Now just to play around lets see if we can remove the bench.  If you notice it is reflected into the water as well.



The final photo!  Not too bad right?  Now you may not want to always remove the crumbs off a baby’s face or even that first pimple off a teenagers face but sometimes something shows up in the photo that isn’t supposed to be there.  Now you can remove it easily!



Have a great Wednesday! Tune in next week for the first installment of “Confessions of a CT Member”.  I will sharing a few things that I learned in my few years as a CT member on 10 teams at ONE TIME!

Remember my store is 30% off for just one more week!  I working on a freebie kit for you that will be in parts on my blog, newsletter, facebook and even a giveaway at a speed scrap on Thursday morning!



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