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Hide that Face!

on May 29, 2013
Hide that Face!

**Note this was a tip in a recent newsletter, if you don’t get the newsletter be sure you subscribe to be able to get tips, coupons and occasional freebies**

Do you ever have a photo of someone that may not want to have their face all over the internet or maybe you just don’t want your kiddos faces all over the world wide web.  There is an easy fix to this….

First grab your photo then select the elliptical marquee tool!  It is sometimes a square and then you pick from the drop down menu

Next go to SELECT (I know it says filter..oops), Modify and Feather…this will make the edges a touch softer

Now you have two choices.  You can blur out the face using Gaussian Blur.  My ellipse is too large or something…this looks like a bubble to me…weird!

The second option is to go to Filter, Pixelate and Mosiac.  Adjust the tiles until the face is blurred enough for your liking.

Here is my final photo.  I also added a Pioneer Women Fresh and Colorful filter.  Now you have a neater way to hid those faces on your layouts!

Thank you to the reader that suggested this tip, if you have a tip or something you would like to learn send me an email or comment here.  I am always looking for new ideas!



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