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How to fill a font!

on June 5, 2013

Did you see?? I am hosting the font challenge at Stuff to Scrap…besides scraplifting this has to be one of my favorite challenges by far!  I am a huge fan of fonts and have 1000s of them stored on my computer.  They aren’t all installed, I think that would cause a problem with my computer.  This month for the font challenge I chosen a fun font called Mighty Mite.


Mighty Mite comes as an outline font but with the handy magic wand you can fill it in with paper or color!

So to start off with type your text…You can use any color you would like.  Use white to get a more sticker effect!


Next up, the magic wand tool!


Create a new layer UNDER the text layer and then use the magic wand tool to select the INSIDE of each letter.  You need to hold down the SHIFT key to select multiple areas. When you hold down the shift key you will see a plus sign by the wand.


Once all the layers are selected and you have marching ants in all the letters, we are going to expand the selection a little.  Go to SELECT, MODIFY, EXPAND and expand the selection about 3 pixels.

Lastly, pick a color and make it the foreground color….


Make sure the new empty layer is selected and then fill it by using shortcut keys: ALT BACKSPACE.  Now that you have a new fill of the font you can clip a paper or different color to it.



You can also use your magic want tool to select different letters and mix and match the colors….Add white to make it look like a sticker…a lot you can do with this font! 🙂




Now head on over to Stuff to Scrap and give the challenge a try!  I look forward to seeing your layouts!


2 responses to “How to fill a font!

  1. Nancy says:

    Thank you, I appreciate the information. I always wanted to know how to do that.

  2. crystalnva says:

    I LUV FONTs !!!! THANK YOU ;~} for sharing this FONT HEAVEN ;~} with me (lol us)

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