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Wednesday Tip or Tutorial…

on June 12, 2013

I apologize for this coming to you later in the day than usual.  I have been working behind the scenes on a new blog and watching my San Antonio Spurs play basketball last night!!  GO SPURS GO!!!  I apologize if you are not a Spurs fan.  Here in Texas we love our Spurs!!

Today’s tip I gleaned from Brooke of Fit to Be Scrapped while working on a speed scrap she hosted last night.  First here is the page I created using my kit Here Comes Trouble and Here Comes Trouble Add On.



The tip she shared was how to make the paper strips look like little flags.  I will admit that I tried many different ways to get those to look right with no luck at all.  Brooke shared a great tip and I thought I would share it with you.

1.  Create your paper strip using your shape tool.  I believe mine is about 3 inches wide.  Rasterize (simplify) the layer.

2. Use your polygon lasso tool to draw a triangle of any size.  I turn on my grids to get it right.  ALT BACKSPACE to fill this shape in a NEW LAYER

3. Now comes the fun part…Take the triangle and line it up with the bottom of your paper strip.  Stretch, shrink, squish and rearrange it until you have the look and feel you want for your flag.

4. Now holding CTRL or COMMAND click on the image of the shape in the LAYERS section.  You should see marching ants around the shape.  Now making sure the paper strip is selected in the layers area hit delete and then hide the triangle layer.   Easy peasy right?

If you need some screen shots send me an email and I will happily put those up for you as well.    Have a great Wednesday!


One response to “Wednesday Tip or Tutorial…

  1. I think that an easier way to create the triangle is to use the shape tool. I just make a triangle with the base the same width as the width of my paper strip, place it and then delete

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