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Wednesday Tip or Tutorial Time Out….

on June 19, 2013

Today’s tip/tutorial is taking a time out!  I have spent the better half of today with a bad headache also shuffling one kid to vacation bible school, back home then to either swim team practice or swim team meets all the while keeping a 2 year old entertained and happy.  These past few weeks have been nuts with swim team, church and just general life….so here is a recap of my newsletter from yesterday….


Did you know I have a new blog coming???  Stay tuned the big debut coming soon!!

Did you know that working in the summer is HARD when you have two very busy kids at home.  I try to have new products for you every other week but with kids, swim team, vacation bible school and just the general craziness it has proved to be difficult.  Don’t give up on me though…I have a fun July 4/Backyard BBQ kit coming that will be awesome for us in the USA for July 4 celebrations but versatile enough for those of you not in the USA to use as well.

Also later in the summer I will be debuting a new GUEST SPOT at a fun store!  I am very excited about this guest spot and the amazing designers I am going to be working with for THREE MONTHS!!!!  Lots of fun coming!

So, stick with me through the summer…kids are going to Grandma’s in a few weeks for TWO WEEKS so I will play catch up then!

A few things I have coming up for you….

Using journal cards

Hidden objects on layouts

Sharing your vacation

Remember if you have a tip or tutorial be sure to email me or comment with anything you want to learn!


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