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They say its your birthday…

on June 26, 2013

Today is my amazing mother in law’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Ann!  I have a few tips and fun things that I do on birthdays for my kids that I thought I would share.  It is never too late to start new traditions.  I would love to hear yours as well….

I am not sure why I started this but I am glad I did…On the actual birth day I take photos from the time they wake up until they go to sleep.  I have photos of when they wake up, breakfast, playing, lunch, naps, snacks, dinner etc.  I also take a photo with the child at the time they were born as well.  I have done this with both boys every year.  Hubby even laughs because I don’t make plans or even travel on those days because it might mess up my photos! LOL

About a year ago I put together a layout comparing my boys first years…it was uncanny how similar they were to each other.  They both had waffles/pancakes for breakfast, both had chick fil a for lunch where they tried something new and got a funny reaction….check it out!  Do you do anything special for your kiddos birthday days?




Now on to the party…I will admit I do NOT like birthday parties at all.  I have never had good luck with them and hate having my house destroyed by crazy kids.  We usually go somewhere else to have a party.  A few tips for getting those party photos…take a lot BEFORE the party guests arrive.  Snap photos of the decorations, the cake, the birthday kiddo, food etc.  Once the party gets going make sure you have a list of shots you want to get and have a friend or several friends with cameras to capture shots for you.  Here are a few to make sure you get…

  • A close up of the birthday cake (by itself and with the birthday child)
  • The birthday child with their siblings/grandparents/parents/best friend/other family members
  • The candles being blown out
  • Children playing party games
  • Party table showing the party food and drinks
  • The birthday child opening presents
  • A couple of wide shots showing the general layout of the venue and party decorations
  • Close up shots of each of the guests

If you are looking for a kit to scrap those photos check out Let’s Party!



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