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Pin It Thursday and Day 3 of Let’s Party!

Welcome to Pin It Thursday where I feed your Pinterest addiction!  If you aren’t on Pinterest then what are you waiting for?  Leaving a Legacy Designs has its own page, check it out HERE.

It has been a few weeks and I haven’t been on Pinterest as much but I do have a few pins for you today.  Check them out…

This first one is a fun bright layout that I would love to scraplift.  I love the strips of pattern paper and the series of photos!

Next up is a series of free handwriting fonts.  I love fonts and handwriting ones are great for journaling on pages and leaving our legacy!

Next are birthday fonts that will go great with the free kit you are collecting this week….

You can find links to a lot more fonts under my font board on Pinterest.

This page is another fun one that would be great at the end of a baby first year book…a look back over the year and how they have grown…I have lots of ideas for this layout.

Lastly I want to leave you with a smile on your face…I pity the fool that doesn’t laugh at this one…Isn’t this baby cute! LOL

Now the 3rd day of Let’s Party!  I am going to make it a little harder for you to find today.  Day 3 is hidden in my store...somewhere!  Look for a cupcake or two or three hidden in the store in the description of one of my kits.  The links will be active until May 3 at 6am.  As a little hint…be sure to sign up for my newsletter before Friday morning!!!  The last part and a special freebie just might be in there.  Also if you missed any days they will be in the store on Saturday for National Scrapbooking Day!!

I will leave you with another look at the kit AND  another super cute layout using Let’s Party from creative team member Nan!



Pin it Thursday…

Pin it Thursday is taking this week off…instead I want you to comment with some of YOUR favorite pins….I will pick a few and feature them next week…so tell what are your favorite pins that you have discovered lately?  Enable me!

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Pin it Thursday…

Sorry for the lack of posts the last 2 weeks…I haven’t been on the computer much over the last 2 weeks but have slowly gotten back to it.  Here are a couple of pins that I loved this week.  Most of the pins are on my personal Pinterest page but I also have a Designer page too where I pin fonts, tutorials, layouts and ideas!

This one is probably one of my favorites lately.  It is so true too.  I get into a mode of creating sometimes that I forget to eat…just dive in and work.  Hubby laughed…he asked me yesterday where the window cleaner was and I asked him what would I use that for?  He said very true, I will keep looking! LOL

A cool organizing idea!

I will end with the cute bunny!  Until next week ladies!  Enjoy the short Pinterest addition….happy pinning!

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Pin It Thursday

Do you remember this pin?  I decided for today’s pin it Thursday I would give some of my pins a try….

Here is my attempt at it, not too bad right?  I used my kit Joyful Noise and Chelle’s Creations CU Torn Edges

This next one is a new pin but I saw it and immediately had to give it a try!  A very simple layout compared to the previous one but I knew

Moody Monsters was the kit for it.


Fun, right?!  I had fun making this one.  Okay how about a few more pins….

The reason Photoshop was invented!

My husband would laugh at me when he would find me in the kitchen standing in front of the back door “warming” up!  I so get this one!  On a chilly day do you go look for that ray of sunshine!?

Lastly is a recipe!  We all have to cook, some of us for a family.  I love this one and it is so easy!  Sour cream noodle bake.  I will start by saying I do not like sour cream or cottage cheese but love this recipe.  I have substituted the cottage cheese for ricotta once or twice.  We make this dish at least once or twice a month.  I usually add a nice green salad and some bread…good to go!

Have you tried a recent pin?  I would love to hear about it.  Leave a comment below to a pin you have tried.  It can be a recipe, a layout, a tutorial, clothing, project…anything.  Have a great Thursday and happy pinning!!

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Pin it Thursday!

Here are some of my finds this week…

I would NEVER get rid of my husband but this was too funny not to share!  Even funnier if you have seen this fishing one that is the hubby choosing fishing over his wife!

Love the baseball in place of the O and the grunge.

This one I love the paper strips with the sponging….

Love the file folder look on this one…

How fun is this vinyl for the wall??  My bathroom is not set up for this but man is it cool

Finally…another bit of humor for you!

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Pin it Thursday

I apologize for this being late today.  I totally forgot to prepost this yesterday but I have a good reason.  Check it out…..Do you see them?  I am working on a pet kit and these are 2 of my puppies…do you see them?  This is how I design.  I paper punch a lot of my critters and themed elements.  I used to put them together then scan them but now I cut, trim and scan then put them together so I can get the shadows better.001


If you haven’t seen Leaving a Legacy Designs has a Pinterset page.  Go check it out and pin a few things.  I use pinterest for kits, scrabooking, cooking and more!  There is a wealth of information and it is a major time suck.  I started a new board: Pages I want to lift.  I love looking at paper scrap pages and trying to figure out how I can scrap them digitally.

Here are a couple that were fun….I try to add my own comment to remind myself why I pinned a page.  This first one I loved the layering.  I think digitally it would take a while to get right but man it would be one cool page.  A challenge to myself to try this week!


This next one I loved the strips of “wood” paneling with the “nails”.  I think this would look amazing with my I Wanna Be a Cowboy Kit

This one I love the photos that were taken.  It was a great reminder that people and even faces do not have to be the focus of a page.


This card was very cool.  I think would be neat to have strips of colors and instead of the cupcakes put photos.  I love looking at cards and using them for inspiration.

Here is a button card…aren’t those button balloons adorable!


Finally I will leaving you with one of my favorite recipes, Sesame Chicken.  I have made this a lot and my family loves it.




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