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Pin It Thursday!

On Tuesday I showed you a fun comic book effect for photos.  Today I am going to list for you some fonts I pinned on Pinterest that are great for comic book layouts!



Have fun downloading fonts!

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$2 Tuesday and a freebie!

It is Tuesday and today’s feature kit is Thankful!  What are you thankful for this time of year?  Thankful is a warm kit perfect for scrapping all things you are thankful for this time of year.  This elegant kit with a comical turkey has a lot of elements that are perfect for any and all photos.  Kit includes 14 papers, a full alpha and 42 elements.

Check out these pages done by my team!

2012DaisyInvestiturefalevél_kWhat to do at FuversLLD_T_LO1wLeavingaLegacyDesigns-Thanksgiving-PicnicThankful_LLD_Robinweb

Here is another look at the kit and there is a coordinating solid paper pack as well


Have a great Tuesday!

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Coming Soon!



Starting December 10th you will be able to collect parts of this amazing kit as my gift to you.  I will be celebrating my 29th birthday AGAIN!  Each part will only be available for 24 hours then it will be in gone so be sure to grab it each day!  If you miss a part I will have it in my store for the week for $1 each but only for the week.  At the end of the week the whole kit will be in the store for you to purchase if you missed it during the freebie week.  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and like me on facebook so you don’t miss any freebies or exciting news.

Schedule for the week (tentative)

Monday, December 10: Papers

Tuesday, December 11: Elements

Wednesday, December 12: Alpha

Thursday, December 13: Word Art

Friday, December 14: Creative Team Freebies

There will also be a progressive scrap over the week and a lucky person or two will win a coupon to my store!  What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a free kit, progressive scrap and oh, a sale!!!  Details coming!!!

Have a great Monday!


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Me N You

This weeks featured kit is Me N You.  Me-N-You is a soft everyday kit that is perfect for any and all photos.  The blues, yellows, whites and browns make this a very versatile kit.  It is perfect for wedding photos, date night, girl’s night out or just family time photos.  You get 11 patterned papers, 6 solid papers, an acrylic alpha (upper, lower, numbers and some symbols) and 27 elements.


















Here are some pages my team created using this kit…

One frequent question I get is how do I shadow the acrylic letters!?  I was pointed to a set of shadow styles by Megan Turnidge found here.  These work in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.  When shadowing the acrylic letters you want your opacity on the shadow way down…about 26%.  Size is about 13, Distance is about 13 and opacity is 26% in PSE…in Photoshop you can play with the blend mode and mine is set on Linear Burn.  Remember you can also play with the colors of your shadows as well.  They don’t all have to be black…try a dark brown or gray or even navy.

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Turtle Love…$2 Tuesday

It is Tuesday and this weeks feature kit is Turtle Love.  Turtle Love is a fun neutral kit perfect for scrapping everyday photos.  These cute turtles were made by me and extracted.  This kit started off as part of the Designer Darling Contest but I deleted a lot and started over.  As a beginner I have learned a lot.  You are now getting 6 gingham papers, 15 patterned papers and 6 solids (27 papers total), a lower case alpha with numbers and some symbols and 39 elements!  Here are some pages made by creative team members and myself

Here is another look at the kit and the quickpage set!

Have a great Tuesday!  If you have not signed up for my newsletter be sure to do that…I give out special coupons and freebies to subscribers.

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How to make a monster!

Have you seen my newest kit, Moody Monsters?  This kit is so fun!  My creative team has enjoyed playing with it but so have their kids and grandkids!  Keep reading they made a treat for you!!

I wanted to show you a little about how the kit works.  You are in charge of these crazy monsters, you get to create them.  Just think Mr. Potato head or paper doll meets monsters digitally!

Okay…here is how it works.  You get the body, the eyes (these are sized much, much larger than most of the bodies so you can use them on the papers or shrink them to what you need), mouth, arms, legs and even mustaches.  You can cut off parts of the bodies, clip papers to them, paint them etc.  The possibilities are endless with these guys.  On the first monster I turned the mouth upside down and picked sad eyes to make him sad.  The bottom guy has funky teeth and one eye to make him a bit more scary.  I also cut off his hands and feet to add ones that I had clipped papers to.  You could even draw your own shape and clip a paper to it to make a monster that way.  There is no limit on what you can make and the kids love it too!  Now the real treat…my creative team members and the Stuff to Scrap creative team member and their kiddos put together some monsters for you.  I have a total of 19 monsters for you to play with and add to your pages…19 different monsters!!  Click on the image to download.  If you make a page be sure to add it to the Leaving a Legacy Gallery at Stuff to Scrap!

Here is another look at the kit, word bits and solid paper pack!


Stupendous Comrades!

Have you seen The Scrappy Kat’s newest kit?!  It is just amazing and is inspired by the adorable Calvin and Hobbes.  I got to guest CT for her and play with this fun kit.  I have two little boys so this was a fun treat for me!  The first layout was done for a speed scrap yesterday and the second was done for the October Scraplift Challenge at Stuff to Scrap.

Here is the kit!


How about a freebie?  Click on image to download


Enchanted Eve

The fabulous ladies at Stuff to Scrap have gotten together to create a fun Halloween Blog Hop for you.  The parts will be available starting today and run through Saturday, November 3 so make sure you grab them all.

Happy Halloween!

Click on image to download

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Pin, Share it, Win it!

My newest kit Moody Monsters will be coming out on Friday of this week.  This unique kit gives you the opportunity to make your own monster.  YOU get to add the eyes, mouth and choose the bodies as well.  There are a lot of other elements (69 total) that make this kit very versatile.  In addition to the actual kit there are fun word tags and word bits and there will be a quick page set as well.  By sharing the flier below you get the chance to win the kit!   Click on the rafflecopter link to find out how you can be entered up to 5 times to win this kit.

I am using a Rafflecopter giveaway so click on the link to be directed to the chance to win.  Wordpress doesn’t support the java script which is why I am trying the link.  Email me if you have any issues with the link.  I will be back on Friday with the kit and a winner!  Remember to come back and share this on Facebook and Twitter each day for more chances to win!


Saving for the Web…Tip/Tutorial

Do you love showing off your amazing layouts online but want them to look better?  I have some tips for you that will help you out and even a freebie action!

Note: I have done these steps in PS and PSE but please ask questions if you have a question or something isn’t clear.

Here is how it works…you are going to start off with your amazing layout saved at 3600 x 3600 pixels or 12×12 and 300dpi.

2. Flatten your image.  This can be done by right clicking on one of the layers or going to Layer–Flatten Image

3. Next up you are going to resize the image: CTRL, ALT, I will bring up the image screen.  Change the pixels to 600 x 600and hit enter.

4. Now duplicate the layer so you have two copies of your layout.

5. With the top layer selected you are going to go to Filter–Other–High Pass.  Radius should be set at about 0.3 pixels.  

6. Now change the blending mode on the top layer to Linear Light (this is the little box up above the layers that says Normal).

7. Now clip the top linear light layer to the bottom layer and merge together as one layer.

8.  You next step is to play with the saturation level.  You are going to want a number between 5 and 8. Play with it and see which makes your page looks crisper.  I usually use a 6 or 7.  CTRL U will get you to the hue/saturation box.  

9.  Your final step is to save for web.  I usually use shortcut keys: CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, S  OR you can go to File and save for web.  A box will pop up and the only thing you need to change is the top box that usually says GIF.  Change that to JPEG and hit okay and this will take you to where you are going to save it.  

Now I bet you are thinking…hmm…that is a lot of steps for a pretty layout.  Does it really make my layout look that good?  Here  are two layouts saved this way and with out the extra steps.

No Edit


Notice the photo and the green background as well as the grass.  This method really makes the photo and overall layout pop!  It is really nice when you are doing layouts for a creative team and you can make it really shine.  I hope you have learned something and I have not completely confused you.

I am new at making actions and such but this one has been tested in PSE and PS by me.  If you come across any problems let me know.  I did notice in PSE it takes you to shadows so just skip that step and run the rest.  Click on image to download.