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They say its your birthday…

Today is my amazing mother in law’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Ann!  I have a few tips and fun things that I do on birthdays for my kids that I thought I would share.  It is never too late to start new traditions.  I would love to hear yours as well….

I am not sure why I started this but I am glad I did…On the actual birth day I take photos from the time they wake up until they go to sleep.  I have photos of when they wake up, breakfast, playing, lunch, naps, snacks, dinner etc.  I also take a photo with the child at the time they were born as well.  I have done this with both boys every year.  Hubby even laughs because I don’t make plans or even travel on those days because it might mess up my photos! LOL

About a year ago I put together a layout comparing my boys first years…it was uncanny how similar they were to each other.  They both had waffles/pancakes for breakfast, both had chick fil a for lunch where they tried something new and got a funny reaction….check it out!  Do you do anything special for your kiddos birthday days?




Now on to the party…I will admit I do NOT like birthday parties at all.  I have never had good luck with them and hate having my house destroyed by crazy kids.  We usually go somewhere else to have a party.  A few tips for getting those party photos…take a lot BEFORE the party guests arrive.  Snap photos of the decorations, the cake, the birthday kiddo, food etc.  Once the party gets going make sure you have a list of shots you want to get and have a friend or several friends with cameras to capture shots for you.  Here are a few to make sure you get…

  • A close up of the birthday cake (by itself and with the birthday child)
  • The birthday child with their siblings/grandparents/parents/best friend/other family members
  • The candles being blown out
  • Children playing party games
  • Party table showing the party food and drinks
  • The birthday child opening presents
  • A couple of wide shots showing the general layout of the venue and party decorations
  • Close up shots of each of the guests

If you are looking for a kit to scrap those photos check out Let’s Party!


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Wednesday Tip or Tutorial Time Out….

Today’s tip/tutorial is taking a time out!  I have spent the better half of today with a bad headache also shuffling one kid to vacation bible school, back home then to either swim team practice or swim team meets all the while keeping a 2 year old entertained and happy.  These past few weeks have been nuts with swim team, church and just general life….so here is a recap of my newsletter from yesterday….


Did you know I have a new blog coming???  Stay tuned the big debut coming soon!!

Did you know that working in the summer is HARD when you have two very busy kids at home.  I try to have new products for you every other week but with kids, swim team, vacation bible school and just the general craziness it has proved to be difficult.  Don’t give up on me though…I have a fun July 4/Backyard BBQ kit coming that will be awesome for us in the USA for July 4 celebrations but versatile enough for those of you not in the USA to use as well.

Also later in the summer I will be debuting a new GUEST SPOT at a fun store!  I am very excited about this guest spot and the amazing designers I am going to be working with for THREE MONTHS!!!!  Lots of fun coming!

So, stick with me through the summer…kids are going to Grandma’s in a few weeks for TWO WEEKS so I will play catch up then!

A few things I have coming up for you….

Using journal cards

Hidden objects on layouts

Sharing your vacation

Remember if you have a tip or tutorial be sure to email me or comment with anything you want to learn!

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Wednesday Tip or Tutorial…

I apologize for this coming to you later in the day than usual.  I have been working behind the scenes on a new blog and watching my San Antonio Spurs play basketball last night!!  GO SPURS GO!!!  I apologize if you are not a Spurs fan.  Here in Texas we love our Spurs!!

Today’s tip I gleaned from Brooke of Fit to Be Scrapped while working on a speed scrap she hosted last night.  First here is the page I created using my kit Here Comes Trouble and Here Comes Trouble Add On.



The tip she shared was how to make the paper strips look like little flags.  I will admit that I tried many different ways to get those to look right with no luck at all.  Brooke shared a great tip and I thought I would share it with you.

1.  Create your paper strip using your shape tool.  I believe mine is about 3 inches wide.  Rasterize (simplify) the layer.

2. Use your polygon lasso tool to draw a triangle of any size.  I turn on my grids to get it right.  ALT BACKSPACE to fill this shape in a NEW LAYER

3. Now comes the fun part…Take the triangle and line it up with the bottom of your paper strip.  Stretch, shrink, squish and rearrange it until you have the look and feel you want for your flag.

4. Now holding CTRL or COMMAND click on the image of the shape in the LAYERS section.  You should see marching ants around the shape.  Now making sure the paper strip is selected in the layers area hit delete and then hide the triangle layer.   Easy peasy right?

If you need some screen shots send me an email and I will happily put those up for you as well.    Have a great Wednesday!

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How to fill a font!

Did you see?? I am hosting the font challenge at Stuff to Scrap…besides scraplifting this has to be one of my favorite challenges by far!  I am a huge fan of fonts and have 1000s of them stored on my computer.  They aren’t all installed, I think that would cause a problem with my computer.  This month for the font challenge I chosen a fun font called Mighty Mite.


Mighty Mite comes as an outline font but with the handy magic wand you can fill it in with paper or color!

So to start off with type your text…You can use any color you would like.  Use white to get a more sticker effect!


Next up, the magic wand tool!


Create a new layer UNDER the text layer and then use the magic wand tool to select the INSIDE of each letter.  You need to hold down the SHIFT key to select multiple areas. When you hold down the shift key you will see a plus sign by the wand.


Once all the layers are selected and you have marching ants in all the letters, we are going to expand the selection a little.  Go to SELECT, MODIFY, EXPAND and expand the selection about 3 pixels.

Lastly, pick a color and make it the foreground color….


Make sure the new empty layer is selected and then fill it by using shortcut keys: ALT BACKSPACE.  Now that you have a new fill of the font you can clip a paper or different color to it.



You can also use your magic want tool to select different letters and mix and match the colors….Add white to make it look like a sticker…a lot you can do with this font! 🙂




Now head on over to Stuff to Scrap and give the challenge a try!  I look forward to seeing your layouts!


Hide that Face!

Hide that Face!

**Note this was a tip in a recent newsletter, if you don’t get the newsletter be sure you subscribe to be able to get tips, coupons and occasional freebies**

Do you ever have a photo of someone that may not want to have their face all over the internet or maybe you just don’t want your kiddos faces all over the world wide web.  There is an easy fix to this….

First grab your photo then select the elliptical marquee tool!  It is sometimes a square and then you pick from the drop down menu

Next go to SELECT (I know it says filter..oops), Modify and Feather…this will make the edges a touch softer

Now you have two choices.  You can blur out the face using Gaussian Blur.  My ellipse is too large or something…this looks like a bubble to me…weird!

The second option is to go to Filter, Pixelate and Mosiac.  Adjust the tiles until the face is blurred enough for your liking.

Here is my final photo.  I also added a Pioneer Women Fresh and Colorful filter.  Now you have a neater way to hid those faces on your layouts!

Thank you to the reader that suggested this tip, if you have a tip or something you would like to learn send me an email or comment here.  I am always looking for new ideas!


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Adding a mask to a photo…

Today I am going to show you how I edited this photo and added a mask to it in a few easy to follow steps (or I hope they seem easy)…


First grab your photo…


Next edit it and get it looking how you want on your layout!

2013-05-21_1352Now you want to add a layer mask to your photo layer by clicking on the little icon in the layer palette that looks like a camera.  Also go ahead and bring in your paper that you will be playing with as your mask.  Hide the layer until we are ready for it.  I chose a worn paper from my I Make Dirt Kit.2013-05-21_1357


Now turn the chosen paper back on and CTRL click on the layer to get the marching ants around it.  It is important that you are clicking on the LAYER not the actual paper.2013-05-21_1359

Once the paper is selected we are going to copy it using the short cut keys CTRL C.  Now it is hanging out on a virtual clipboard until we are ready for it.

To get the paper as our mask we need to make the mask our active layer.  We do this by holding down ALT and clicking on the layer mask.  When you do this the screen will go white like in the photo.


Now you want to paste the paper into the layer by pressing CTRL V.  You may need to also press CTRL D to deselect and get the marching ants to disappear.  When the mask pastes in it will be black and white.  This is where the magic starts to happen!  At this point you are going to want to bring up your levels box.  Short cut is CTRL L2013-05-21_1404

The way a mask works is whatever is white shows up and whatever is black erases.  So if you were to leave this alone your photo would be washed out completely.  I added a color fill layer behind it so you can see that it is really washed out.  So you are going to want to play with the sliders on your levels to make it more white and less black esp in the areas where the focus is going to be.


Here is what I started off with on the levels.  At any time you can click on your photo to go back out and see what you are doing and bounce back and forth.


You can also do it from looking at the photo…either works great.  Just make sure your mask is selected when you pull up the levels box.2013-05-21_1419

Now at this point I still wanted more focus on my little man so you can again making sure your mask is selected.  Pick a soft round brush  and the color white to brush away the parts you don’t want masked.  You can see the mask in the photo below is mostly white where my little guy is standing.  Really any brush you use on your mask will create that shape so get creative and see what you can do with it.


Here is another look at my final page using the Dirty Collection.  To get the finished polished look I feathered and erased the edges of the photo.  If you would like to learn more on how I did that let me know and I will expand on this lesson for you.  If you have any questions about how I did this please comment here or send me an email at digiscrapping27@gmail.com


Have a great Wednesday and if there is a tip or tutorial you want to share or learn please let me know!  I am always looking for new ideas.

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Confessions of a CT: Part 3

This is the final installment of my confessions of a CT member.  I hope I have not bored you to death these past few weeks.  If you are new to my site then go back to week 1 and check out my first confession.  This week I will keep it short…it is LATE and I have been working non stop on a new kit!  I had hoped it would be done in time to release on Friday but it may be a little late…too many goodies to pack in there!

As a creative team member your job is to SELL THE KIT, right?  Each designer is different so check with your designer but FREEBIES can sell a kit.  At Stuff to Scrap we have $2 Tuesdays and I would try to make a freebie for one of the kits that was featured.  Freebies again vary by designer but frame clusters, word art, paper stackers, clusters, quickpages, even alphas are fun freebies.  Again, check with the designer.  When you package your freebie to give away be sure to include a folder with the kit preview and designers terms of use (TOU).

Another way to sell the kit is to use it….use it for challenges, use it for speed scraps, use the kit a lot!  Show it off and show if off well.  Post it every where you are allowed…Pinterest, Scrap Stacks, facebook, galleries, galleries and more galleries.  There are a lot of galleries that allow outside linking as well.

So to sum it up…

Show off the kit

Steal other people’s photos if you don’t have any, I mean borrow other photos to make a kit work

Tell everyone about the kit

Make freebies

Stay organized

Show off the kit!


Now your turn…what confessions do you have as a CT Member?  What are some valuable tips that you have learned along the way?  I loved being a CT member and miss it…I have to be my own CT for right now.  Leave me a comment and tell me your most valuable tip or maybe just a confession as a CT member…I would love to hear what you have learned.


Be sure to join me tonight at Stuff to Scrap for a Speed Scrap!!  May 15 at 8pm CST in the Stuff to Scrap Forum and Chat room!!!!

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Confessions of a CT Member…Part 2

Welcome to my new followers.  Wednesday’s are usually a day that I share a tip or tutorial so if you have something you want to learn email me your ideas at digiscrapping27@gmail.com or leave a comment here.  If I don’t know how to do what you want to learn then we can learn together!

If you missed part 1 I talked about my horrible first layouts and ways I had to improve them…show off that kit.

Part 2 is using those kits that just aren’t YOU or your style!  I am a mother of 2 adorable boys so being handed a kit that is pink and frilly was NOT my thing but I am a hoarder..Hi my name is Kimberly and I hoard kits so I was determined to work with them and make them look amazing!

Let’s start with this layout….PICKLES!  This was an adorable kit by former designer Cutie Fruity called Girly Girl!  I saw all those pinks and thought hmmm..well she had some grays and even some browns in there and well I had a funny photo.  I did have a photo of my niece that I did a second page with for this kit and even a THIRD page scrapping a photo of myself!






How about this one…A My Little Ponies kit by Scrappin Serenity called Playful Ponies.  I am a huge fan of Scrappin Serenity so to not have a kit by her was not going to happen.  Once I started playing with it I found it was fun to work with even with boy photos…

Now lets move on to kits you don’t like (or think you don’t…) I was on the Stuff to Scrap CT and was assigned a designer.  The designer can either let me pick a kit or ask me to work with a specific kit.  Mommy Made This (who is at Scraps N Pieces now) asked me work with Boo-tiful Babies.  I saw a lot of pink and little babies and not much that would work for me.  We don’t do a lot for Halloween…but I was WRONG!  This kit is adorable!  Once I got over my own moaning and groaning I was able to put together some fun pages!

So as a CT Member here are a few tips…Think outside the box.  Try to come up with a NON Themed way to use the kit.  It helps customers see different ways they can use the kit.  They can see that the Little Pony kit can be used with boy page or the Halloween kit can be used for dress up.

Second thing that sometimes works is to make your photos black and white, esp on the kits where the colors aren’t working for you.

Third, go on facebook and steal photos from friends that have cute kids!  Don’t have a daughter…go grab one! (just kidding there) but you could ask a friend if you could use their cute photo and then even have the page printed or email it to them.  There are several forums that have RAK challenges now too where you can use other people’s photos to scrap pages…so go borrow (not steal) a photo that will work for you.

Tune in next week for the final installment of Confessions of a CT where I talk about selling the kit…advertisement!!


Confessions of a Creative Team Member!

Let me first start off by saying I am not an expert at this nor do I claim to be. I am not on any creative teams at this time but there was a time when I was….

Let’s go back a few years when I was a homeschooling mom of a 6 year old and a 2 month old! I had discovered digi scrapping not too long before and thought the best way to get FREE kits is to be on a creative team so I applied to all my favorite designers! Slowly (this didn’t happen all at once) I added a team to my list until I found myself on 10, yes 10 teams at one time. How in the world did I manage this…let me share!

First thing is ORGANIZE! I am a pen and paper girl so I had a calendar book (student planner) that I would jot down all my assignments. I also set up my desktop with places to put the kits I was working on, needed to work on, should be working on…you get the idea. I am a visual person so I needed to see each kit on my desktop to remind me.

I learned the best way to get layouts done (I still use this with my own kits) is to do them at speed scraps or challenges! The idea or even layout was already there and I just needed to put together the idea.

Okay now the confessions…When I first started creative teaming I was making layouts using my style of scrapbooking and thinking all was fine. I thought my layouts were beautiful and everyone would buy that designer’s kit because of my layouts. Boy was I wrong!! Check out these two layouts…


It was brought to my attention by a designer that I wasn’t showing the kit off very well. How dare she? Now she didn’t come to me directly or email me and say hey your pages stink. She kindly sent out a team newsletter that suggested some great links on places to find some awesome creative team layouts to lift. If you are not a big cluster person and you can see I was NOT then I suggest templates. I went in search for any and all templates that would offer any help. I then started to look at the assignments as a use it all challenge. How much of that kit could I use on my page and make it look fabulous at the same time. My goal is to help her sell the kit right? How was she going to sell it with layouts that barely showed any elements or even papers on them. So confession number 1: do not be offended if a designer offers suggestions on improving your layouts, they may actually really stink! I had to learn to leave my style out of those pages and show off the kit. This eventually became easy to me and became my style of scrapping.  Also one last note was to ONLY use the kit on my pages. It can be tempting at time to add a fun alpha or use a photoshop action or style to change up an element but if a customer can’t do it then they may be disappointed.  If you love that alpha or style then make 2 pages.  Leave it out for the designer and then for your own book add it back in..Tune in next week to find out how I, a mother of two boys, came up with creative ways to use girly kits or kits that I didn’t love!

I will leave you with a layout of Let’s Party and the links to find the next part of this kit…super cute right?  ahhh!  I am loving this kit.  This is the first page I made with it and I love it!


Day 2’s part of the Let’s Party Kit can be found on my facebook fan page.  You must like me or I won’t give you the part you need!  Just kidding…but seriously you do have to like my page to get the next part.  If you missed yesterday’s part don’t fret.  I will have all the days in my store for sale on Saturday so you can grab the day you missed.  If you do not feel like waiting for the whole kit you can get it in my store for 30% off right now!  Just click on the preview to head to the store!  Make sure you have signed up for my newsletter…there will be a part in there AND a special newsletter only freebie!
 photo PREVIEWWEB_zps9fde88df.jpg

A closer look at the papers!
 photo LETSPARTY-papersweb_zpsb8099f32.jpg


Digital Blemish Control!

Do you ever snap a photo only to realize you have a huge zit or bruise or the kid has chocolate pudding on his face?  Did you know with photoshop you can fix almost anything? I am not an expert at photoshop but I can fix a few problems with my photos.  The example I am going to use is a family photo I have from summer of 2011.  My husband was on travel and hit his head on something in the hotel room.  The photo was taken at the very spot hubby and I got married, how many people can do that?



Anyway..notice the red spot on his head?  We have to get rid of this and it is pretty easy to do…

1. Select the healing brush tool.  In CS6 it looks like a bandaid!


2. Press the ALT button and click on the area that will be your “bandaid”.  Your “bandaid” will need to be an area that is similar in texture and hue and darkness.  Note that the “bandaid” won’t be like a perfect cut and paste of that area…but more of an inspiration for Photoshop to mask the blemish.   If you choose an area that is too dark or too light it will be really noticable so play around to find the perfect spot.



Now just to play around lets see if we can remove the bench.  If you notice it is reflected into the water as well.



The final photo!  Not too bad right?  Now you may not want to always remove the crumbs off a baby’s face or even that first pimple off a teenagers face but sometimes something shows up in the photo that isn’t supposed to be there.  Now you can remove it easily!



Have a great Wednesday! Tune in next week for the first installment of “Confessions of a CT Member”.  I will sharing a few things that I learned in my few years as a CT member on 10 teams at ONE TIME!

Remember my store is 30% off for just one more week!  I working on a freebie kit for you that will be in parts on my blog, newsletter, facebook and even a giveaway at a speed scrap on Thursday morning!


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